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New Bodybuilding Workout

I learned my lesson last time so now im posting in the beginners not the bodybuilders forum. lol

so i plan on following this workout for six weeks and evaluating my results from there. i want to gain about 7-10 pounds while following it. my goals for the end of the six weeks are 215x3 bench (previous 200x3), 250x3 squat(previous 235x3), 135x3 overhead press, 330x3 deadlift(previous 305x3). just let me know if you see any huge problems with it! thanks in advance for any advice! and merry christmas by the way.

rack pull - 5,5
Vertical pull (chins, lat pulldown) - 6,6,6
Rear delt fly - 12,12,12
Shrugs - 12,12,12
Barbell curl - 8,8,8

BB Bench variation - 5,3,2
Db Overhead press- 10,10,10
Db bench variation - 6,6,6
Lateral raise - 12,12,12
Cable flies - 15,15
Lying overhead extension - 10,10,10

Squat variation - 5,3,2
Stiff leg dead- 8,8,8
Bilateral leg work -8,8,8
Hack squat - 10,10,10
S1.GHR - 8,8,8
S2.Calves - failure x 3
Leg press - 15,15

Bent row - 10,10,10,10
Shrugs - 6,6,6,6
S1.HS high row - 10,10
S2.HS low row - 10,10
Rope face pull - 12,12,12
Dumbbell preacher curl - 12,12,12
Vertical pull - 15,15

Overhead press - 5,3,2
BB bench variation - 10,10,10
S1. Front raise - 10,10,10
S2. Lateral raise - 10,10,10
Machine bench - 12,12,12
Close grip bench - 6,6,6
Tricep pushdown - 15,15

S1,S1 indicates a super set

Two questions to start:

  1. How much experience and what progress do you have in BBing/lifting?

  2. What is your recovery like?

The answer to these questions will partly determine my critique, as well as that of others.

If you are indeed a beginner, then I find that this program is not optimal for most. You may be the exception, the wonderkind as it were, but for most beginners there are a few things that must be focused on and that will benefit the lifter in great ways:

  1. Work on nervous system activation/motor recruitment/exercise efficacy.

  2. Increase work capacity gradually.

  3. Increase recovery gradually.

  4. Form a base of strength.

Now, from what you have said and you profile, I might guess you have been doing this, and may not be what we consider a “true beginner”. That being said, if you have experience with weights, why not try this out?

What is the worst that will happen, besides having to eventually take on a different program? Just go with it, work through any temptation to change it until it is glaringly obvious something NEEDS to be changed or that this program is worthless, and then try again.

Meanwhile, read, read, read, and distill.

Through seeing the flaws in your own created plan, as well as reading the advice and knowledge of those with more experience, you may be lucky enough to really find how you train the best, and what does not work well for you.

What I am saying is, while this program has flaws I can see, there is nothing so glaring I would not encourage you to work with it and find out for yourself.

just my 2cents


alright thanks. i have been lifting for a few months now and im still really trying to see what i respond well to. i think i have alright recovery seeing as my current workout calls for two upper days in a week and i am usually good to go on both days… i find that as long as i keep my calories up then i have no problem recovering for the next session.

the weights im handling probably arent high enough to cause such muscular trauma that i truely have to worry about beating myself up so bad that i wont recover within three days… i think i will take your advice and give this workout a shot, atleast for six weeks and then i will evaluate from there. thanks for helping out!