New Bodybuilding Plan?

Recently been watching a lot of the Juggernaught strength series videos, I’ve realized I want bigger arms as they seem to be lacking on my physique, I’ve decided to do a push/pull in a block split,

So this for example is a pull block for 6 weeks…

Every week I will be adding a set to one of the pull movements of each muscle while going up in weight, so after a week I might add an extra rep to everything (pull) on a saturday, then the next week add another to the friday and so on, then after week 6 I will deload then switch it around to pull movements.

There are push movements on the pull block but that is to only follow the Minimum Volume (MV) principle of maintanence.

Deadlift 5x10
Bent Over Row 3x10
V Bar Pulldown 2x12
Romanian Deadlift 2x8 (80%)
Barbell Curl 2x12
Dumbell Curl 1x10
Bench Press 3x5
Rear + Side Delt
Dumbell Face Pull 2x12
Side Lateral Raises 2x15

Tues - Off

Deadlift 2x12
Good Morning 3x8 (80%)
Hamstring Curl 2x10 (75%)
EZ Curl 3x12
Cable Curl 2x12
Bench Press
Bench Press 3x5

Thu - Off

Hammer Curl 2x12
Dumbell Twist Curl 2x12
Deadlift 2x8
Wide Grip Pulldown 3x10
Romainian Deadlift 2x8 (80%)
Hamstring Curl 1x10 (75%)
Side + Rear Delts
Dumbell Face Pull 2x12
Side Lateral Raises 2x20

Squat 6x5
Bench Press 3x5
Tricep Bar Curl 2x12 (Hammer Curl Bar)
Preacher Curl 1x12
Side + Rear Delt
Barbell Face Pull 4x10
Upright Rows 4x20
Tricep Pushdown 4x10

I’ll probably take the stretching from DC training and incorporate it too.

Real championship type guns have monster triceps.

Bis are cool for filling out the look, but there are 3 other heads out of the 5 of the upper arm.

I’d also prioritize the bis (if that’s what you want to emphasize) first in the session.

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Yep that’s it, I’m prioritizing pull muscles for the first 6 weeks then push muscles, but I obviously have a couple push sets in there for maintainence.

And I’ll probably prioritize bi’s then hadn’t thought about what would come first yet just a quick sketchup to get some critique.

Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, RDL all on the same day sounds like terrible programming. Your lower back will be fried.

It always strikes me as odd when people do than.
Especially when they throw in T bar row for good measure.

OP I won’t comment much further on the plan as I dont know enough but your lower back will get hurt.

Looks like too much of a hodgepodge to be honest.
Id pick a proven three day program off the site like Waterbury or go back to something that worked for you in the past and then do big arm day like this below as a fourth day…

Lately am lovin these also…

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Does it?

Josh Bryant has a program with those 3 (or close variants) on one day. 5/3/1 could end up with a day having those three. I have seen RTS/Emerging Strategies with programs close to that. Juggernaut usually puts rows on upperbody days but that’s not a fixed rule and the one day could look like that on a JTS program.

Those are four respected coaches all with great success as athletes and coaches. Imagine their results if they knew what they were doing!


Exactly, I think my programme fits the SRA Curve Prinicple from Juggernaught, I have 10 sets for back on Monday obviously there’s 2 sets of RDL’s but I’m going 80% on them on Monday but then Wednesday I have only 2 Sets for back and more sets for Hammies to sort of balance it out.

I just planned it based off of CWS + Dr Mike’s Hypertrophy guides as I like it because it is based on me and isn’t a programme for everyone…

Obviously if someone who has trained for 5/6 years tried this it might jusy fry their back because they’d be going so much heavier therefore require more recovery, that’s my take on it anyway.

I’ve done deadlifts, rows, and RDL’s together before. Not saying it’s a good idea, but I wasn’t lifting hundreds of pounds, so it’s probably easier for those on the weaker end of the spectrum.

To make it slightly easier you could just do DB rows. And in my opinon, RDL’s, when done properly, should not be felt in the lower back at all. It should all be hams/glutes. Try them with some lighter DB’s and just focus on the MMC.

That should help you be able to do both of those movents after deadlifting without causing any issues. Try hanging from a pullup bar (or doing pullups) at the end to stretch your spine out.

It’s almost as if (and maybe I’m crazy here) that, if you train your lower back to be stronger, you’ll have a stronger lower back.


Honestly I’ve swapped the Deadlifts out for Rowing movements etc, just due to the fact I can’t seem to get past 2x11 363lb without being absolutely gassed.

Lol true.

Conditioning work goes a LONG way. Really saw some changes when I started focusing on that.


Yeah, Pwnisher’s advice is probably the best, haha.

I spent pretty much the first year, year and a half of my training maxing out on squats and deadlifts on the same days. (I didn’t know what I was doing.) Never hurt myself and I feel I have a relatively strong lower back. Manual labor helps a lot.