New Bodybuilding for Old School Results PDF?

I understand the physical book is no longer available and I think I read there will not be any more printed. Will the PDF version ever be available again?

I believe you can get an electronic version on T-Nation.

I haven’t been able to find it.

Any moderators know?

For everyone, sounds like no and they don’t know if it will ever be available again.

Amazon has one left in stock for 114 dollars

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I saw that. I admittedly had the book when it came out and must have purged it when I got rid of some books because I can’t find it anywhere!

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Outstanding job getting to yes there!

Was’nt sure if you did and was’nt trying to be facetious, if i came across that way, i apologize…seems alot pricey to me unless you are a collector

Didn’t bother me at all! So no apologies needed. I saw in a couple different places where the book was in excess of $100 which I think is crazy!

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no idea what you mean

I appreciate the fact that you provided an answer to “where to find the book” by saying “You can get it off of amazon”.

There’s always a way to “get to yes”.


I used the chat feature on the site to ask about this same thing recently. The agent wasn’t aware of any plans to do a digital release which is a huge bummer. This is the kinda thing that leads to people pirating products. I’d love to give biotest my money here, but if there is no other way… :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll chime in but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t keep the E-book available.

This thread reminded me I bought this book some time ago and I have been rereading it. The chapter on Kim Woods mentioned Soviet high jumper Valerie Brummell’s feat of kicking a basketball rim, which I dimly remember. Fantastic!