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New Body Weight Training Tool


Check out the video about it, looks good to me…

Seems like fun

If bodyweight is your thing, that looks like THE piece(s) of equipment to have. Wouldn’t mind trying a workout on one if the opportunity were presented, but I won’t be purchasing a USA in the near future.

WTF? Just get a chinup bar and some head space. Work your way up to muscle-ups, and front and back levers. A real bodyweight program needs nothing more than floorspace and a bar in the air.


This guy converted me. You see he uses both, heavy weights training, and bodyweight training. All he uses is a chinup bar, floorspace and an olympic bar. Now that he is pro he includes rings, parallel bars and a bunch of heavy grippers, but most beginners dont need that stuff, and if you are not a beginner… GET CRACKING!