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New Board?


A suggestion was made on another thread that we have a separate board for "on-going transformations". I think that that's a great idea. Not only could it be used for stuff like the Hot-Rox challenge, but people could put up old pics that show how they used to look, and everyone could get inspired by their overall, long-term progress. I can't think of anything better to show off the results of living the T-lifestyle.

What do the rest of you think?

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I kinda think that's what the Photo and O/T forums are for, too.

I still like the idea of a Training Log forum. LIKE it alot.


I'm in agreement on this one. I had already mentioned to ~karma~ that I thought it was a great idea, and I'd be ready to post. Count me a positive vote.


Seems like a good idea. As former fatty, I think I could be of some help in this category.


Good idea


I kind of see the Photo forum as that (a place to post changes and the like), but if there were a "continual progress" kind of board, perhaps we wouldn't need the photo forum anymore. It's original purpose was...this is a shocker...a place to put photos. Now that we can do that on the OT forum, there's a bit of crossover.

And I really like the idea of a Training Log Forum. I've learned so much from the Westside logs. I think much could be learned from others' logs as well. Personally, I'd be terribly interested in sports-specific training logs and, more specifically, strongperson training.


I hadn't thought of a separate board for it until BigPearl mentioned it and then SmileCreator expounded on the idea. I'm liking it though. It would be cool to see a person by person breakdown of different stories, different challenges, backsliding, lessons learned, etc. along with all the appropriate pics. That way newbies could go there, scan it for someone they identified with and read all the details about that person in one complete, comprehensible format. That would open more doors for mentoring relationships as well. More I think about that, the more important I think it is.

I hadn't really thought of the "former skinny bastard/scrawny chick turned hardbody" angle since I don't identify with that particular set of challenges. I identify with the "fat bastard/beached whale turned hardbody" set of challenges. I need motivation from that segment and I suppose those in the former category wouldn't get much motivation from my stories so they need their own as well.

The Training Log forum isn't ringing a bell with me but if it's anything like the name, it'd be cool to have. I think my particular training style (but not necessarily a daily log of it) and diet would be part of my "transformation" log/thread. Every time I made a significant change to either, I'd put up a new post on my thread and detail the success (or failure) of the previous type of training/diet as well as what I'd planned to do next. It would probably be half diary format and half commentary from others asking questions on this or that.

All interesting ideas. Thanks Char for condensing them here.


Maybe the Photo Forum should just be renamed? That seems like the simplest thing. A title like 'Ongoing Transformations' would allow people to post their current physique, along w/ before and after stuff. Just a thought.


Good ideas.

Would like to see a board for those, especially if the hot rox one isnt staying up forever.

Would make it a lot quicker to find those things when you are looking for them, instead of having to wade through all the regular posts to pick em out.


I think we could make a Continual Progress forum which would incorporate both training logs and body composition changes.

Going from flab to fab :slight_smile: requires training and diet, so those doing so could post their training and diet along with before, after, and during pics. This would also allow a designated place for the powerlifters to list their training, and throw in pics if they need to (i.e. when someone asks, "How do you set up for box squats w/bands?").

Just some thoughts.


I think you could put both together and it would be a great idea. For ex. someone puts their beginning pic up. Then does a daily/weekly training log, then puts pics up, when they feel they've made progress.

I think this would be a good idea for a couple reasons. One, it wouldn't add anymore boards, just change one of the HotRox ones. Two, like Karma said, if someone sees a person they can relate to, they'll have some training info in there(If said person uses it as a training log as well) and, the person who put up their pic won't have to answer all the basic questions like "How did you do it?" and "What size bra do you wear?"

That and I'd be interested in hearing from a few comments on my weak ass training schedule.


same thing as i said on the other post but maybe TC and crew would like to offer a small "prize" to the person who achieves the best or hardest goal throughout that month. Of course best is very subjective.


Great idea, theSmileCreator!

I also read the last thread where you suggested this.


I posted my agreement last nite but the long reasoning, logically set out post has disappeared. SO, I'll settle for just saying I think it should happen.

For me, the Before and After pics are great, but it's the journey that I really am more interested in. And as Karma stated, the utility of finding someone with a similar body type prior to beginnning your own plan is clearly evident. I also like the "mentoring" idea, though technically it's tough to do. At that stage I'd say the PM feature would really kick in, so that the thread doesn't get too bogged down with the same questions over and over.

Anyway, my two cents (1.4 cents U.S.)...


I dig it.


The "ongoing transformation" board and "training log" boards could definitely be combined. And using one of the soon-to-be-defunct HR boards is a natural fit as well.

Simple, logical, elegant.

And a question for Shugs or whoever: once the HR boards are gone, will we still be able to search through the threads and call them up? There's a lot of great info on both boards; it'd be a shame to just let it disappear into cyberspace.


I love this idea! As a work in progress, I have gotten a lot of motivation/inspiration from seeing the transformations others have gone through. I also think that it might be less intimidating for some people to post pics as well. It is great to see the before & afters, but it would be really cool to be able to watch the whole tranformation as it happens, complete with training/diet info.