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New Bloodwork Results

Just had my first blood work since switching to test cyp injections 4 months ago, 50 mg every 3.5 days. Without wanting to explain why, I pinned my normal 50 mg on a Saturday and then waited until the following Friday to get blood drawn with no pin in between. My results were total T = 643 ng/dl (range of 193-740) and free T = 191 pg/ml (range of 47-244). So a full 6 days later I was still that high after just 50 mg. Is that a little unusual? And what would that put my levels at in between the normal 3.5 day interval, close to 1000?
EDIT: Those were the only tests my doc ordered.

There is really now way to predict your rate of clearance and metabolism of testosterone. My suggestion is if you want more accurate labs, don’t skip injections.

Your labs are pretty much useless.

Useless in the sense that they can’t be used to estimate an answer to my question, I’m assuming. And yes, I fully expected the “suggestion” so no surprise there. Plenty of time for accurate tests. But thanks.

643 is not that high even after 6 days. How do you feel? I wouldn’t worry too much about the number. If you feel fine just stick with it. 100mg per week is not a lot. Much less than most are taking. If you feel fine at that dose then stick with it.

Just to re-clarify, the 643 was 6 days after pinning just 50 mg, but prior to that it had been 50 mg E3.5D. Not sure if that makes a difference.

So 100mg in 9.5 days versus 100mg in 7 days? Not a big deal. What is your concern? Do you feel fine? Sounds like you are worried you are too high? I wouldn’t be too worried about being 643 3.5 days after your last pin.

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Well it was 643 6 days after my last pin, but no, not worried at all. I want to be near top end of range. Was just wondering if it could be inferred from my tests approx where I might have been had I not missed that last scheduled pin. Guess I’ll find out next time, no worries.

Your levels are similar to mine. I pin 100 mg test cyp a week and always get tested on pin days (before I pin, so 7 days after my last pin). My TT is always 680-750 ng/dL.

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