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New Bloodwork In. Need Help

Hey guys, Ive been on trt for 3 months now. When I first started, i did 100mg cyp every 7 days with no hcG and no Arimidex. My initial test score was 218, and my estradiol sensitive score was 9.

After the second month, I started to do 100mg cyp every 5 days, with a shot of 500iu hcG the day before my cyp shot. I still did not use any AI’s since my original E score was only 9.

Well, after this last month, I went and got my bloodwork redone. I have not been sleeping well lately (tired all day), have a little anxiety, and my night-time/morning wood dissapeared. As i expected, my test is much higher at 696, but my E is also higher at 47. So, im under the assumption that Im not reaping the benefits of my increased T because the elevated e levels are cancelling this out.

My question is, Would it be wise at this point to introduce Arimidex to my dosing protocol? I have .50mg capsules on hand, so I could start to take them if needed. I have read that .25mgs every 3 days would be best, but i only have capsules and not tablets, so they cannot be made smaller. Would .50mgs Arimidex every 3 or 4 days help my situation as far as reducing my E levels and optimize my now higher t levels?

Any input is greatly welcomed, thanks!

See if a compounding pharmacy can make them into drops so it is easier to dose. I don’t know how that works with tabs but you could look into it… I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the hcg causing the higher E2 levels and not the T… if im wrong i am sorry and i very well could be wrong…

oh yeah, i believe it’s the hcG too, but i feel hcG is good for trt. No testicular atrophy, keeps your endogenous test and sperm count up, and produces a temporary t spike. thoughts on adex use?

read the trt dosing proticol… I am not going to tell you what to do about E2 but it seems hcg and adex go hand in hand on this site… I just got off the phone with a doc from life balance that tried to tell me that we need E2 and lowering it could cause many problems, at the same time i feel if you are monitored and can keep it at a good level it should be fine. most guys here try to get to about 22… adex is the drug recommended here althoug I do seem to se alot of over responders… I am not in the business of giving out wrong advice so i will choose to not comment my opinion as far as adex… aromazin may be another option… no matter what you do you have to keep a close eye on it and not take to much…

iw84aces…thanks for the input. i just got off the phone with my trt specialist. he basically stated that although my E2 has definitely risen, it has not risen to a remarkably high amount, and that he has seen much much higher E2 levels. basically what he wants me to do is to continue my 100mg cyp every 5 days, with a 500iu hcG shot the day before my cyp, AND THEN .5mg Arimidex the day after my cyp shot. so basically my protocol would look like this:

(Sunday hcg 500iu), (Monday Cyp 100mg), (Tuesday Adex .50mg), Wed, Thurs, (Fri hcG 500iu), (Sat Cyp 100), (Sun Adex. 50mg)…etc…


is one .50mg pill of Arimidex every 5 days gonna help me? doesnt sound like alot of Adex

should be 1 mg per week in devided doses. dude read the sticky. i have to look and see what it says why don’t you??? I am not trying to be rude but you have alot to learn so you really should read everything and read it well… good luck

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections

You will see that the half life of anastrozole does not support wider periods and that dose should match T levels.

If you inject T twice per week, take 1/2mg at the time of your injections. The peaks and valleys of anastrozole will then roughly follow T peaks and valleys.

Take hCG at the same time as T, just makes for a simple routine.

You might have thyroid problems. Read the thyroid basics sticky, report oral body temps and iodine intake history.

Why have you created a new thread where we cannot see context of your original thread? Not a good idea.