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New Bloodwork, Help?

Hey guys i am needing some help here. I recently just got my bloodwork done and it’s a mess. I didn’t recover as well as I typically do this last time and miserable. The main focus for me is zero libido and no erection at all. Please advise. I am 33 and levels are…

HDL-10 low
LDL-137 high
T4-3.2 low
T3-65 low
LH-0.2 low
FSH-0.2 low
Test Serum-52 low
Test Free-16.3 low
Sex binding glob-4.6 low

What’s should be my next step to get this erection back ASAP it’s ruining my relationship.

Recover from?

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Long term AAS. been off everything since sept 1

What is long term to you?

Have you tried hCG?

On and off since I was 20 always with proper pct and regular blood. But for whatever this time it all tanked and never came back. Yes I took hcg for pct with no help. My main concern at this point is figure out how to get my libido and sex back. I think I’ll need to be on trt but what else do you guys think? Hcg? AI?

Bump guys…can I get some help???

What were you taking and what are you doing now?

Are you sure your HCG was real?

Doctor percribed clomid 25mg Aday and Natesto gel. I haven’t started any of it yet.

Please provide lab ranges as your numbers have little meaning as every lab has its own ranges as there is no standards.

Start TRT in isolation and dial in, then if you want HCG add it and see how you tolerate it. An SHBG of 4.6 is not good, TRT likely won’t even work for you as you aren’t binding testosterone to SHBG. SHBG is a protein that binds tightly to the hormones testosterone, DHT, and estradiol.

Testosterone binds to SHBG and you have almost none, so testosterone is secreted into the urine and is why testosterone is low. Hypothyroidism can explain low SHBG, if Free T3 is low or Reverse T3 is high, that would slow down the liver production of SHBG.

Sometime SHBG is just low do to genetics. If you target a high Total T, you will have a ton of free estrogen which tends to be very high in low SHBG men, therefore a Total T of under 300 is recommended as a starting point unless hypothyroidism can explain low SHBG.

The majority of men do not absorb T-Gel, you may need to go private as the majority of doctors are TRT ignorant, injections everyday is needed or your results will be largely negative.

Excess carbs, sugars lowers SHBG, a mediterranean diet is recommended for low SHBG men and will add years to your life.