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New Bloods, Still Can’t Find My Sweet Spot

Hey Guys… I could use some help with my current labs.
My story is I started TRT after a short trial of clomid after a long time battle with depression (not anxiety)The clomid made me feel like I was finally living again without the depression and a raging LIBIDO!
I soon got out of whack on the clomid and reached out to a hormone specialist and was put on a basic TRT protocol and started down the road of dialing in. I did not respond well to the protocols and was often time bed ridden in the first 1-1/2 years.

This bloodwork is based upon my current protocol which I have been on for 10 weeks. Test Cyp into delts Every 4 days. Nothing else. 120 mg per week
My symptoms are zero libido, poor sleep (5 hours max per night) brain fog, moody, no morning erections, low drive. I have had zero depression since starting so that is definitely a plus!

I believe I am overshooting my numbers. I have been on all sorts of protocols including scrotum cream and have had my levels of free T from 7 up to >50.
I am currently on day 6 without taking any shots and feel the best I have in months! Does this mean I should lower my dose? and by how much?

Are you taking any AI? E2 seems pretty low for where your T is at.

If you feel better with less… then take less and see how that works for you. I’d give it a couple more days and see if you keep getting better or if you’re pretty much at as good as it gets for you.

You might just need to ride it out, some things take time. It’s like the body is repairing itself and then one day - boom - you’re different. @dextermorgan was on for a long time waiting on libido. The other thought is maybe your E2 is too low for you. Your E2 to test ratio is highest right before the shot and climbs as the test leaves your system if you delay the shot. Clomid is known for spiking up your E2 numbers as well, so there’s that. You’re with Defy by the look of the labs, ask them about it.

No AI… do you see anything else I could improve on bloods?

I have always struggled with low E2…

I’ve been with defy for 2 years. They basically leave it up to me to figure out and try whatever I want. I know I need more E2 just don’t know if I should lower dose or add something to try to up the E2?
I think I can go down on my dose but honestly I’m 3 days past my regular scheduled injection and I keep delaying it because I’m feeling better and better without injecting.

You could always add HCG. It will raise your E2 and it helps some people’s libido.

also, maybe lower your dose. Some people don’t seem to do well at higher levels.

Unfortunately, this can be somewhat difficult.
E2 is kinda low and DHT is on the lower side as well.

Libido is complicated.
Everything you mention would typically be a symptom of low t, but poor sleep will cause nearly all of them as well.

You say you feel better as you delay your injection, so go ahead and lower your dose. I’m not a doc but try dropping it to 100mg/wk for 8 weeks and see how it goes.

Vit-D is kinda low so I’d throw in a vitamin D supplement, but I don’t think that will help you with this issue.

Edit: I forgot, your tsh is getting up there, have you had a full thyroid work up?

Lowering the dose can be a circular problem. If it’s E2, lowering the dose starts a spiral of less E2 over time and gradually spiralling down as you lower your dose, run into the same problem, lower your dose, run into the same problem, you get the idea. How about drinking a beer or two? Or, get some prescription estrogen. Could be a quick route to rule a problem either in or out.

At least we both agree that low E2 is my issue after 2 years. I’ve been so desperate I even took some estradiol tabs of women’s birth control. Actually felt good… placebo probably.

I agree on the lower dose lower E2. Thinking of trying to keep the same dose size of 70mg and stretch out frequency to every 6-8 days and see if I can squeeze some estrogen out of that…for 8 weeks of course…

Or lower dose and add hcg. If that don’t do it I’ll probably try a clomid/hcg protocol I read about that…it seems to be good for guys who had good natural T numbers.