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New Blood Work. 20y/o. Low LH/Test, High Normal FSH

Hey guys,
new thread here because of no more replies/reaction to my 1st.
New blood work results. Kinda unsure about the low lh and low test but high normal fsh.

Testes look perfectly normal. Currently done with IR because of elevated TSH.

Blood work in German but should be ok if you read the abbreviations.

Any thoughts ?

I thought that you were starting T gel TRT.

Please note that we have a very strong pattern of guys with thyroid problems not absorbing T gels and creams. So that might affect you. But these guys then seem to be able to convert T–>E2 in their skin. The only option then is injections.

Has a doctor inspected your testes?
Does anything feel strange?
Any aching?
Odd ratio of FSH:LH, concern is testicular cancer which is a young men’s disease, always good to check with hormone profiles like this.

TSH too high - from IR
fT3 is low relative to mid-ranges, explains low body temperatures.
fT3 is well below midrange=11.5
You are not producing enough T4 and that is not from a lack of TSH.

LH is low, secondary hypogonadism. The cause is not prolactin. E2 is elevated a bit, but does not explain.

With low T, FT will be low and FT–>E2 production will be low. E2=31pg/ml may be from poor E2 clearance by the liver.

Yeah, startet 4 weeks ago with the gel but it’s not worth the stress to bring it on, shower etc , TT went from 2.6 ( 2.5-10 ) to 3.3 so still low normal.
Still weak erections overall. Morning erections improved quite a bit. Will have another blood test in 2-3 weeks. If doc won’t prescribe injections I don’t see any solution besides self medicating to fix erections, which is my biggest problem.

Edit : yeah doc inspected testes, look perfectly fine. He doesnt know why they should not function well.

Testes might function well if LH was higher. That can be proven with hCG injections. 250iu subq EOD would do the job.

LH levels move a lot in a day, released in pulses with a short half-life. Typically LH and FSH are similar numbers. Hard to evaluate with a single lab. So it often makes sense to use FSH as an indicator of LH status. But your ratio does not support that.

You were applying T gel and LH/FSH does not show any hint of that.

TRT will be a bother, you need to do something with any method.

The results above are from the test before TRT Gel. Will get exact sheet from after TRT gel in 2 weeks. Just called my doc yesterday and he said TT was at 3.3. Forgot to ask about lh/fsh etc. So lh/fsh above are before TRT.

You think if my fsh is high normal, lh should be there maybe some other day time too ? Maybe it was just that low in the morning at this blood draw ?

yes, LH changes, but perhaps not that much.

Please get those oral body temperatures.

With thyroid issues, T gel/cream absorption can be very poor. TT=3.3 is not useful.

What dose of T gel and how applied?

LH/FSH in blood draws before where both fine ( middle normal ) . Just don’t know why Test is low then if testes look normal.
Axiron gel/cream applied via pump under the armpit. Each pump is 30mg. One under each armpit so 60mg gel/cream total.

Do not understand that.

A young virile male may make ~10mg T per day and have high TT and FT levels.
If you are absorbing 10%, 6mg, you should have strong T levels. You are not and FT, E2 are unknown. This could be thyroid. Please get those oral body temperatures.

Ask what your T injection options could be.

My testicles are normal sized, no abnormalities with them. LH/FSH fine but T still low.

The gel is shit. Maybe I don’t even absorb 10% due to sweating etc especially in summer now.

Will post my new temperatures after IR tomorrow. I’ll get the latest blood results after TRT in 2 weeks.

Are you removing arm pit hair?
Antiperspirants might interfere.
Sweating is a real concern with all forms of transdermal T delivery.

That’s the only thing, I didn’t remove armpit hair the whole time while using this gel, but you think that could make a big difference ?

One guy did well, was shaving arm pits and scrubbing too. Yes can make a difference - depending on your absorption potential. But then you can still sweat and anti-persperant may mess things up.

What is that type of T product costing you?
Many new delivery systems were created, not to be any better or cost effective, but to be able to have high profits.

This one bottle costed me 7 € . But like said before, was just one bottle the doc wanted to try and see if it helps. But with my levels still low I’ll try to get him to Injections.

But will say to him that only Hcg + T + maybe an AI. If he doesn’t give these combo I’ll self medicate. Got a friend who’s studying medicine and is full into that whole endocrinologist thing especially for lifters needs + he got many clients already ( he isn’t even a “real” doc yet ) who’re using steroids / trt and let themselves get checked by him, so that should not be a problem.


will TSH levels stay elevated when taking 6mg Iodine maintenance per week ?


got the results from the blood work done at the time I was on the test gel. Like I said total testosterone didn’t raise that much but SHBG lowered ( ? ) as well as estrogen and free androgen index almost doubled. And don’t pay attention to the TSH as it’s so high because of my IR at this time.
What you say about this ?