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New Blood Results w/ HCG

T and free T very high
Only difference is I started some
HCG 400iu before injection days a month ago

So my balls are really responsive

I also used 60mg T twice a week

I’m definitely secondary

Clomid worth a try here?

Sexually nothing is really better

But strength
Skin and power are better

In May my total T was 14.8
Estradiol 54 (under 162)
Free T 450 (196-696)

Only difference is the hcg this last month

Honestly I don’t think anyone can even keep up with what you’re trying any more so it’s tough to give advice. Every time we say to stick with something for 8 weeks to really see if it’s going to work or not you never do it, so I don’t know what to tell you any more.

I did stay on a protocol for 8 weeks

Added hcg a month ago
After first injection erextion were very good

Now not great

So thinking to lower dose of T?

Prolactin raising to 16 (should be under19)

Eatradiol 194 (under 162)

Like I’ll be dropping the hcg altogether

Like said above… Wait 8 weeks

Some feel better with just t.

Maybe you should lower t and keep hcg??? Or lower hcg. Or just stop hcg. You can go on and on

Give it more time.

Also having higher e2 with higher free t could be fine.

That high e scared me

Although I don’t seem
To be bloated or anything

When on clomid I got super bloating

Why did the high e2 scare you? Everyone feels bad on clomid so not really something I’d compare to


Is it bad to be to high?

I know the doc will flip out bc the T is so high

My balls def still

Is high e2 an issue?

Prolactin coming up now maybe bc of high e2

If you have no negative sides, then you are fine. Don’t focus on the number.

Negative sides like

ED, but you already had that. You can get it from high or low E2, or be totally unaffected. Bloat. Feel lousy. Basically, other than ED, there isn’t a reason to fool with the E2 level.

ED has been there for a while

Some days good
Some days it’s dead

Makes no sense

Implant consideration actually

Some guys actually benefit from the higher E2, but you have to wait it out and see.