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New Blood Results, Dialing in Estrogen Still

Hey guys, I am not sure if anyone remembers but a little bit ago I was posting the results from my previous bloodwork where my levels were not quite right. upon taking suggestions I ended up lowing my weekly testosterone dose and increased my arimidex dose, the results I think are much closer to maintainable but I still need some help dialing it in more.

Comparing from the previous test results to these, I think things look better but still have some questions.
Previously I was doing
.6 mg test 2x week (210 mg/ ml =250wk) (Saturday, Wednesday)
500 iu hcg 2x week (Friday, Tuesday)
.25 arimidex 2x week (Saturday, Wednesday)

The above is the results from that with a level of 1498 Testosterone, 35.1 Free and had a the test lvl of 1498 and a estradiol level of 50.2

Upon input and realizing I did not feel great and feedback saying it was not sustainable I switched the protocol to.

.5 mg test 2x week (210 mg ml = 210 wk) (Saturday, Wednesday)
250 iu hcg 2x week (Friday, Tuesday)
.5 arimidex 2x week (Saturday, Wednesday)

The results that just came back are
Test 1055, free 27.8 and estrodial 43.8

Now my questions are,

  1. The estradiol seems to be high still, which I figured because my nipples are still sensitive not as bad as they were and it tends to range on the day but sensitive none the less. How much of an increase in arimidex should I take? It seems the extra .5 mg only reduced my estrogen around 7 points, and I also reduced the amount of test I was taking from 250 to 210 (the .6 to .5) I figured it would go down more. What is suggested I do from this point in order to get my estrogen under control?

  2. even Pre TRT my IGF-1 was always on the higher side even with testosterone in the 200s my IGF1 was 280s with it being 361 (high) on this test is that is that a good level to sustain? I am not taking anything for it directly, Does it have any negative effects being high? I assume its good but I am not sure, it has raised since starting therapy.

Also a third question,
3. I have always had a higher A/G ratio, usually its 1 point over or 2 but now it seems to be creeping up. Is this something to be of concern? Is there something in my diet I should change to help get this within range or what has effect on this?

Thanks guys, I think between the last feedback and this one hopefully I will be good to go, I feel a lot better then I did with the previous results of 1500 and 50 so I hope to continue to just dial this in and get it to a long term sustainable level.

How much do the sensitive nipples bother you? Any other symptoms of elevated E2? Do you know lipid levels?

No, you might check prolactin anyway.

Given your LFT numbers, I do not believe so.

Here were my test results from just over a month ago. The nipples temselves are not that sensitive its behind them, I have light light gyno from puberty that I can feel if press in, some days it gets terribly sore and sensitive when i brush them or push on them accidentally its painful, no morning wood but pretty good orgasms and sex drive, could be better but better then pre trt.

You’re going to want to keep E2 in check then. You could drop the test some, and/or increase anastrozole. Maybe try some DIM.

Do you know your FSH and LH levels prior to starting TRT?

I would keep an eye on prolactin levels.

Above is my pre TRT lh and FSH, my test pre trt hung from 150-250,

What would you think the arimidex should be increased by, do you think another 1mg a week would be too much? maye 1mg on each shot day? also the igf1 level that is an ideal level to maintain?

thanks for the advise and input, definitely appreciated as always.

I would go to .75mg first, use as low a dose as possible.

I’m thinking about a pituitary microadenoma. Might be worthwhile to get a pituitary MRI or at least a neurology consult. It’s not emergent, but something to consider given those levels.

Have you started supplementing VitD?

Yes I am taking 5k IU a day, I haven’t re-tested yet, I will test in another 30 days, thanks for following back up!

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-I will bring the igf-1 up to my regular primary dr. I cant find much online about dangerous igf1 levels is there a danger to having the higher levels? Could it be beneficial to bodybuilding?

-I think that is a good idea, ill do .75 2x a week and see where that brings me.

-You think the A/G ratio is still good? All my other liver and kidney enzymes seem to be perfect.

Depends on why it is high.


Given your other LFT levels, I would not worry about it.

great, I appreciate your time tonight, and if anyone else has any feedback that would be great, I think the course I am going to try is

.5 test 2x week (210total wk)
250 iu hcg 2x week
.75 mg arimidex 2x week

Ill continue that as well as the vit D for another month and get a full lab report again with test, lipids, estrogen, igf-1, vit D, and see where I am sitting.

Any other labs would be beneficial to getting done or do you think that will suffice? basically everything is staying the same besides the increased arimidex. Thanks again!

My “dr” got back to me today, I say dr because through this he seems clueless which is why I constantly reach out here and look to adjust, this was his response about my test, free test, and estrogen levels.

“Patient Has elevated Free testosterone but he is Absorbing all of it, he needs to increase up to 1 mg of anastrozole per week , he needs to add a Selective Estrogen Modulator or serm in order to prevent aromatization of Bio-Available Testosterone into estrogen.

I wrote back to the nurse to ask the dr what he meant about me absorbing all of my free T,
so he wants mt to increase my arimidex which I was planning but also add in nolva, has anyone ever heard of doing this on TRT and do you think the outcome is beneficial? I would rather take less meds then more to prevent more issues down the road.

What were the numbers that he has based that on? Most guys would use Nolva OR anastrozole.

The ones in my first post here.

Test total 1055
Test free 27.8
Estradiol 43.8

Those numbers are off of

105 mg test 2x week
250 iu hcg 2 x week
.5 mg arimidex 2x week

That’s why I am asking what others think of his response and why he thinks I’m “absorbing all
My free t”

Because your free T is low. Your estrogen is a little high, but I would be very hesitant to bump my AI to double AND add nolvadex. Sounds like a recipe for crashing your E2.

At my current protocol of 210 a week, what would be a normal test and free test range? When I was running 250 a week before i lowered it I was at 1500 and 30 for total and free. The extra 500 in test didn’t really
Up my free test at all.

It’s not necessarily linear. I’ll echo @hardartery’s advice. As mentioned, I would be fine with a slight increase in anastrozole.

The top of his Free T scale is 26.5 and he hasa 27 what is low about that?

@tomb489 I could not find how thick your blood is getting in any of those tests. Do you know your HCT and are you donating blood?

The Nolva will not reduce your E2 it will just keep you from getting gyno. Over range E2 and prolactin plus time = gyno.
IMO I would drop the T to 180mg/wk and keep .5mg AI twice a week. I really like 800iu HCG never needed any more. I would do 400iu M/T good luck

Hemocrit 47.9 I donated once 25 days ago I’m due again if I want. It has only increased about 1% since I starred initially and haven’t really moved since.

The answer could be amazingly simple…you need more arimidex. You’re at 1mg/week now. Should try 1.5

You’re obviously not an hyper-responder to it, so no issue there.

However, many on the forum these days are very anti-arimidex. Even so, outside of drastically lowering your dose, I don’t see how it’s going to be possible to get a handle on your e2 without the right amount of arimidex.

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