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New Blast Cycle: Test C/Eq/Tren/Anavar/Clen. Opinions?

Ok so wanna start a new cycle to kick back my post shelter in place period now that my providence is reopening. Ok a little back ground history I am in my late 30s this isn’t my first or 2nd cycle have done a few and I am on TRT year round so I don’t need a PCT. So here it is
Test C 350 every 5 days for 16 weeks
Eq 300 mg every 5 days for 16 weeks
Tren Ace 80mg EOD for 8 weeks
Anavar 20 mg ED for 16weeks
Starting week 9
D1-2: 40mcg/day
D3-5: 60mcg/day
D6-8: 80mcg/day
D9-11: 100mcg/day
D12- end of 16 week cycle : 120mcg/day
I also have these to combat some of the sides if I need it and will monitor that with blood work
Well let me know what you guys thinks please I will take advice for sure but not looking for ridicule

Anavar for 16 weeks is a long time. Why not run it for the last 6-8 weeks? EQ dosage is fairly low to be effective at much. You won’t likely need arimadex since the only aromatizing compound you have is the test and its a moderate dose. That and EQ can lower E2 as well.

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Yea just have arimidex just in case but I am thinking I won’t need it either. So with Eq think I should be doing 600mg I hear that’s the sweet spot

Yes I’ve seen that repeated a time or two. I ran it once at that dose and it was still pretty mild as far as results so that sounds better than 300mg IMO.

Have you run clen before? It can cause terrible shaking in some people.

No out of this cycle I have never ran EQ or Clen everything else I have

I’ve ran it 3x and had shaking hands pretty bad. It was really hard to type at work LOL. Also it cause profuse sweating.

Clen works nicely, but I always find my hands shaking a lot. One time I got a pretty bad headache as well.

I have had some guys tell me to run GW501516 instead of clen but I have never mixed sarms with gear I have cycled each separately but never together and I am not sure what would work best

Not telling you not to do it. Just be aware that clen has a rep that goes with it. If you are a professional or someone who works with a lot of people, they are going to notice your hands shaking badly.

I appreciate the info that’s good to know thanks