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New Biotest/T-Nation Shirts


Did a search but couldn't find the thread about new gear. I thought a Mod said that new stuff was coming.

Any update on this?


Man, that subject just riles me up like nothing else. For YEARS we've asked to PAY THEM to advertise THEIR COMPANY. SELL us water bottles, gym towels, and decent-looking shirts with THEIR BRAND on it. Instead, I have a [insert nemesis company] pill case, gym bag, and gym towel.

I'm not the biggest guy in the gym, but I look pretty damned good. People who wonder how I train are sent to ANOTHER SITE (since those are the logos people see on my gym bag) rather than T-Nation.

Why they think this is good business, I don't know.


I agree, I'd love to see more of them.

Not to mention the shirts they sell actually FIT a person who has EVIDENCE of LIFTING! (aka, muscle) I seriously wish I could wear it every day just because of the good fit.


I like TC's avatar and think that would be good sitting across their company name or website URL.


my post disappeared so forgive me if this is a repost.

I said that I like TC's avatar and think that would be good either over the company name or the website URL.

or a "Get SPIKED" t-shirt or something


I think people have been asking for things like beanies and gym bags for a while now. I'd also like to see a greater variety in the shirt selection. Maybe even some nice sweats.


There was an article or interview with TC about a year ago saying that there would be new gear. Still nothing. They REALLY should get on this. They have people practicaly begging to buy a product. Personally, I would love some T-Nation gear in a performance-type material (under armor,etc.).


Girl shirts would be great.


Or thong bikinis.


T-Nation pasties too.


I will pay 19.99 for an XL t-shirt with a picture of LaBuff and the words "GET LABUFF" and the T-Nation logo somehow incorporated into the whole thing.


I will pay 9.99 for a picture of Growing Boy's private parts (all of them)


Someone should just make fake ones and sell them until the real ones actually are released. They would probably make a pretty penny.


Let grapple shirtless in a tub full of crisco!


Does the Nation even carry XL size tees?




Are you LaBuff Enough? with a pic of La Buff

i would buy 2 just incase something happened to one of them.


he only has one...well half of one


www.zazzle.com/ lets create your own Ts with the Nation logo :stuck_out_tongue:


Your mom didn't mind.


I'd really be interested in buying a tracksuit jumper(sort of like the animal pak ones) with a T-Nation logo, also a gym bag would be great