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New Biotest Supps??

In this weeks Atomic Dog TC mantioned a new T booster that Biotest will be releasing:
“Biotest is just weeks away from coming out with a new compound that, like Tribex (but using a different pathway), will send Testosterone levels rocketing upward until they hit that little carnival bell and you win a Kewpie doll.” Anyone have any info on this new product and whats going to be in it? Bill? Chris? TC Anyone?

Throw us a freakin bone here Bill :)-poohbaya

Ya, whats the dilly yo. Also I want to know more about this new energy drink, please tell me its a double dose of powerdrive with the old md6, mixed together to taste like the blood of a young female virgin, that would definetly get me hyped before a training session or a hockey game.

Someone give us an answer! You can’t go mentioning new products and just leave it at that. It’s just not fair!

lol ant16ny

I wonder if it will be as effecient as mag-10?

I think I know what the compound is, but it’s not one of the supplements that I personally have worked on (I am a consultant to Biotest, rather than being, for example, some sort of VP of Product Development, or something, that would be knowledgeable of all products.) In some cases I might hear a little information here and there even on things I don’t work on, and that’s the case here. Not a great deal besides knowing the material used and that it winds up testing as considerably better than what some others working in the same area, in more medical or academic applications, had done.

Hey Bill! Whatever happend with the “Euphoria” product that you trying to create? I would love to have something that relaxes me With a slight buzz. You think you’ll ever come out with it?

Thanks for hearing our cries.

I think Euphoria was Brocks project. But any info would be interesting. Oh and what about “The Antidote” I think that was Brocks too but I thought it was worth a try.

Lets see…

Fatty Acid sup, energy drink, T booster, and thermogenic. Awhile back I read that they’re also working on something for the immune system. The latter I desperately need as I’m sick all the time :frowning: And of course “Euphoria”.

Any info on any of these (particularly the latter) would be appreciated. Hopefully they’ll be successful in their creations.

Hey Tim, I got a great homework assignment for you (like you don’t already have enough to do). How about an updated version of “Behind the Scenes” soon to address all the curious folks out here? (Myself included) Thanks!

Bill–Is this compund similiar to what some other companies are pushing as a T-booster/estrogen suicide inhibitor, or is this some Rhodiola, Moomiyo herbal concoction type thing. Or is this something completely new we haven’t seen yet? If so, without giving away the compound name, how well is it rumored to work? Also is this something we will eventually have to worry about becoming banned like the various andros etc.

Any care to elaborate on “…just weeks away from coming out…”? When exactly will these new goodies be intoduce to the market? I start my cutting phase in mid February and would love to give the new thermogenic a try.