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New Biotest Supps

Personally I feel that Power Drive is one of the top 3 supplements of all time. However it’s still underrated by most (I’m currently writing an article on the benefits of PD on mental capacities, physical capacities and sexual performance … and I have A LOT of scientific studies to back my point!). However I’d like a new “Powered up” Power drive. I’d keep the current formulation but I’d add phosphatidylserine, zinc and l-arginine.

This would be a fantastic supplement to enhance mental performance, reduce the negative effect of cortisol during periods of intense work and give you a great sexual boost.

I wish they’d drop the ginkgo from PD… since all these double-blind studies keep showing that it really has no memory-enhacing effect.

Whatever happened to the plan of releasing Brock’s antidote?

Wow Christian’s idea about a ‘powered up’ Power Drive would be cool. I also agree an anti-catabolic substance to help prevent muscle breakdown would worth a shot.

Well, I have a lot of studies (published in serious scientific journals) right in front of me that find Ginko to:

  • Increase CNS activity measured with a computer-analyzed electroencephalogram (CEEG) to the same extent as the US anti-dementia drug tacrine

  • Reduce the stress-induced blood pressure response

  • Reduce the stress-induced cortisol response during physical work

- Improves short term memory

- Improve the "quality" of memory

  • Increase acetylcholine release (ginko has some cholinergic activity)

- Improve the speed of information processing

- Improve attention and focus

All these benefits have been established in serious medical or pharmacological studies.

Now, in regard to your point. You must understand that memory is a complex thing! It has several facets and lots of factors are involved in its processes. So just because some studies don’t show any “significant” differences with ginko, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work! Furthermore, in the research there is an important dose-response relationship. So it’s possible that studies not using high enough doses will not find any marked effect.

I would like to see Biotest come up with androgens that are equaly or more anabolic than real steroids.A supp as strong or stronger than proscar to keep ones hair, more powerful anti-e’s, a more powerful way to block Myostatin, joint healing and muscle healing agents and all of these things with no side effects.

I’d like to see a really cool window sticker to put on our vehicles. The nice vinyl kind that you stick on the outside and NEVER comes off. :slight_smile: Either just Testosterone.net or have the T-man/T-vixen in the sticker too. It would be a great way to get the T name out. Maybe even offer a discount on the next order of whoever orders one too. Just a thought.

Am I the only one who wouldn’t use this ‘Euphoria’ product? I guess I’m just high on life. That, or I just watch a lot of porn.

Lately there’s been quite a bit of discussion on the topic of leptin manipulation on the boards. To the best of my knowlegde isn’t a supp. cmpany that’s tapped into this amazing saiety hormone. Is it possble, has it been done already?

I’d like to see a supplement that works like EPO but with less sides.

How bout Biotest creatine?

Methoxy 7 with Mag-10s punch.

How about a mood enhancer? Like with GABA, PS, DLPA…

I imagine that, like most supplements, arguments can be made either way. Speaking from personal experience, ginkgo biloba has done nothing for me. And although I realize that the risk is very slight, I dislike the idea of possibly having a stroke because of a supplement that I get no benefit from. I don’t want to argue, however, as I’m sure you have many studies and reports that would disprove anything I’ve said. So I’ll just leave it as a “personal inclination.”

How about a supplement that you give to your wife and it turns her into a nymphomaniac for an hour without turning her into a man.

I’d love to see a naked woman with large floppy breasts,
running across my front lawn…

Oh, you mean supplements!?

I love DaveCarapella’s idea!!!

Immune system supplement once talked about by Tim Patterson, New MD6 & Growth hormone supplement that works!

Whatever happened to Ribose-C? Maybe Biotest needs to get the production costs down and get it back on the market.