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New Biotest Supps

Just out of curiosity, what would you guys like to see Biotest make next? And let’s not just talk about different flavors of existing products, but brand spanking new stuff.

I would honestly like to see something that was designed specifically to be a nutrient partitioning agent; something that would help prevent fat gain while bulking, or try to keep it to a minimum.

I know you'll likely say this can be controlled through diet, and to some exten it can, but some people are just naturally prone to putting on more fat than others. Even while on Mag-10, over eating usually leads to much more fat gain than I'd like. Something like that would be infinitely valuable to me.

Well, I ain’t gonna say biotest beer what I think biotest beer Biotest should biotest beer make next…:slight_smile:

I’ve heard about some supplement that worked like creatine, but instead of forcing water into the cells it forced blood into them. Sort of a second generation creatin if you will. I would love to see a biotest version of this.

something to intensify orgasm

Something that the government has never heard of and that, in addition to improving one’s physique, has the added effect of making Congressmen irresistable to hot women. Then maybe the idiot government would let it alone…

How about the “Gain 20lbs of solid muscle in 4 weeks” pill. And the best part is, you don’t even have to work out.

Anabolic Vodka.

Seriously though I can’t think of anything, if any of us actually could think of something feasable we’d probably be on an R&D team. I would like to see a non-androgenic anabolic as strong as Mag-10 (yeah right) because I’m not liking this acne.

This is a tough question. Since Myostat, I think it’s tough to figure exactly what Biotest will produce. They seem to “venture” where no other companies have been before by finding new and amazing compounds. I think the the nutrient-partitioning product would be awesome. Also, with the new MD6 replacement in the works, I bet Biotest fills this stuff with totally new and innovative fat-loss substances. I personally would like to see some type of anticatabolic supplement, but not just with some fancy amino stack. You could take this prior to sleep or a long cardio session.

I would like to see biotest make just a protein powder. I know that Low-Carb Grow is essentially that, but the cost of low carb grow compared to just a whey protein stack is a bit more. For example I can get 5 lbs of whey stack (champion or optimum nutrition) for the cost of 2 lbs of low carb grow. Please don’t take this as me bitching cause I’m not. I thouroughly believe that biotest provides the best products on the market and at very fair prices, it’s just I unfortunately cannot afford the best right now. On top of all that, with all the info I have gained from reading t-mag, I’m not sure that I trust other companies beyond biotest to provide me with the most efficient and effective product. So now my budget disagrees with my consumption demands (story of life, huh).
Anyways, if it is possible to put forth a less costly whey protein stack that I can use to put in cottage cheese, oatmeal, etc. This would be great. This way I don’t have to waste my MRP powder on non-mrp foods.


Something for anxiety. I was really looking forward to Euphoria, to bad it seems it’s been shelved. With all the stress I go through during the day I have to have a beer or two to relax at night. It would be great if Biotest could come up with a pill that would rival the benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax for anxiety.

I’d like to see a new and improved Anti-E supplement, since I cant get Clomid in Canada.
A super anti-oxidant. A GH supplement that works.

Great ideas, especially Patricia and D Rock. Some of the products Tim has mentioned would be nice, including an immune system booster(which another firm is pushing i.e. immuno-eggs), or the anti-oxidant. Of course, being an old gearhead(ex), my nectar of the Gods would be a supplement that makes you feel like you’re on D-Bol, with the anabolic indice of the legendary Dymethazine(any way you spell it).

How about a leptin enhancer? Surely there must be some form of seaweed out there that enhances formation of leptin. Let’s go find it!

I would have to agree with who said it earlier, a relaxing agent, so when I go out with the boys, I dont have to drink the 5-6 beers to get the liquid courage in me, but maybe 1 or 2, to keep the cals low ya know? but of course it has to be easy on the liver and healthy etc…etc…

A molecule selective enough to upregulate fat metabolism with no effect on other cells, tissues, or organs. Oh…and of course it has to alter a pathway that does not regulate itself via a negative feedback loop.

Euphoria… Especially since I’m in college and the pressures to drink CONSTANTLY are a problem since I’ll find myself drinking a few beers once a weekend. This is unnacceptable to me however it is quite necessary for sanity at a typical party. It would also help relax me for studying and perhaps increase exercise workload.

What ever happened with Euphoria? You people witness how friggin’ hyper I am. I could use a good down-time in pill form.

MBE: “why. Errd. Since 2454.”


I’m for the nutrient partitioning agent. Something like a supercharged Insulene or S.A.N. Loaded. I’m calling for D-pinitol and glucosol and gymnema sylvestre and alpha lipoic acid and other stuff like that in Biotest’s liquid delivery system with some ethylcarbonate-esters attached to them. That way you’d only have to take it once a day and insulin sensitivity would be increased and the accompanying nutrient partitioning effects would be working all day long. This would seem to allow one to gain more muscle as it would shuttle the nutrients into the muscle cells as well as lose a lot more fat due to increased insulin sensitivity along with lower insulin levels.

I would like to see a supplement come out that would fulfill vanadyl sulfate’s promises. Something that will drive carbs and other nutrients into muscle cells and give you awesome pumps, as well as being anabolic.