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New Biotest Products?


What new product would you like to see from Biotest?

I would like to see a shaker bottle that doesnt leak and a good natural vitamin.


How about the often rumored 'Anaconda'???

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In all honesty, I think Biotest should focus more on ensuring sufficient availability of current products. This is not trying to bash them, simply pointing out that it makes no sense to introduce even more products in their line-up when current demand levels cannot be met as is.

A good example is Flameout. Was out of stock for a good few weeks, and now that it is back, people are limited to 2 bottles. And there are often threads talking about certain products and/or flavors being out of stock.

Once production is boosted to meet existing requirements, then focus on new stuff. I am also not saying to stop any R&D, simply to keep things in the pipelines for the time being.



Anaconda update? Tim, TC?


I definantly agree with you, ive never tried Metabolic Drive and i have been wanting to try it but its been out of stock, i know i should suck it up and get a differant flavor but i really only like vanilla and chocolate.


perhaps they are doing this? and thats why we dont have "Anaconda" yet?