New Biotest Products?

I’d like Spike better if it was called “Donkey Punch”.

As I recall TC said Red Kat is a pro testosterone formula like Tribex but, supposedly more potent and perhaps working through alternate pathways.

Netrition’s Tribex has the new black label. I subsequently ordered a couple more bottles from DPS and they had the older blue label. The date of mfg. was only a month apart.

I got the Black label Tribex bottle (empty damn it). I don’t think they changed the formula. Just how it is stated on the bottle. Before they listed 1000 mg per 4 capsules of tribulus and avena. Now they list it as 200 mg of Tribex formula.

I just took 3 twice a day (one less then max) and boy did I get greasy. They should sell this stuff in bulk bottles. 1000 caps for $75 sounds good to me.

The black label change of Tribex was made at the same time as MAG-10. It has been about 2 months or so I believe.

I meant to say 2000 mg, not 200.

I emailed Biotest about Red Kat’s release date and they emailed me back saying that they have not decided on an exact date yet but that there would be an update on T-mag in a few weeks. I can’t wait to get a bottle of Red Kat.

Any news on Red-Kat?

‘course not. I’m really waiting for this EFA dealie, tho’… I could really use something convenient that doesn’t give me fish burps.

I think that since they’ve just recently changed the formula for MAG-10 that they’ll release that first and wait a couple months before doing anything with the Red Kat.