New Biotest Products?

Anyone have any news on when Red Kat, Spike and the EFA formula will hit the market?

T-mag hasn’t said anything. TC wrote in an Atomic Dog a while back about the reasoning for releasing only one supplement at a time with plenty of time between each. Can’t recall the title of that one right now, but it was pretty interesting.

Wait, might have been “peak inside” something. Yes, I’m too lazy to look it up right now!

Its crazy, its now month 7 of the year when an article in 2002 described new products right around the corner, what gives, sure seperate them a bit, but not 4 months or so. Id like to see what this new red kat is like…still some time to bulk up.

You’re right TEK. TC’s article was called “Peek Inside the Box.” Issue 259.
I’ve been wondering about the new products too.

I could link to several sites who already have Red Kat listed. One in particular says the product is planned to ship in the middle of July? They even have a picture of the bottle. If I were making a prediction, I would expect to see some Red Kat information in the coming weeks.

Of course speculating like this could backfire on me. I’m going to order Surge today, and thought I’d postpone trying Tribex, in hopes that Red Kat will soon be available.

By the way, I’m currently taking Hot Rox and highly recommend it. I may write up my progress in more detail soon.

I saw a bottle of spike in a nutrition store down here. I had to do a double take and check it out to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Was in a rush so couldn’t investigate more.

What is spike? I hope Spike Lee doens’t go after you guys like he did Spiker entertainment or whatever. Seriously what is spike? What is Red Kat suppose to do? Thanks. :slight_smile:

AC - that’s pretty funny about the Spike thing.

It’s also funny how Shugart, TC, or anybody else from T-Mag never jump in on these threads. Bastards! :slight_smile:

Isn’t red kat suppose to make your penis like 10 times harder ? :wink:

I would speculate that since Hot Rox is the ultimate legal fat loss drug, Red Kat will be the ultimate legal pre-workout stimulant.

I saw an add for Red Kat in a mag and said to goto it only takes you to the biotest store and no RedKat on there. What gives

I think it’s ten times LONGER…

christ…isn’t Mag-10 and Hot-Rox and Surge and Grow! and on and on good enough?

Thanks. I need virus killer right now. Die you stupid cold from hell!!! :frowning:

It makes your penis 10 times redder!!!

I remember seeing lots of ads for MDX, months before it became avaible as hotRox.

What became of the blueberry and chocolate Grow! bars?

Still waiting on Biotest Beer.

I’ve had the Biotest Spike a couple of times, pre-workout. I had the “Califormia Crush” flavor. It tastes good and gives a nice boost. It’s loaded with B-12, tyrosine and other energy boosters.

I hope Red Kat isn’t some type of stamina RX deal. I’d like to see Biotest stay focused on bodybuilding supps. Venturing off into other avenues may lessen their credibility.

I understand the idea of releasing products like Hot Rox and Red Kat months apart, but a product like Spike or the EFAs are different types of supplements. They won’t interfere with something like HR. A supplement like HR needs to be marketed heavily to let people know what it does and how it works, a supplement like Spike only needs to be marketed so people know Biotest is offering a pre workout energy booster with no ephedra.

netrition is selling a new tribex formula.