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New Biotest Products


I remember back in the spring Biotest said/leaked that they had like 3 new products in the works that were close to launch and one revamped product. One was Indigo! This info mainly came from Livespills. I have been in the process of renting my home, so I can move out of state, and start a new job. I have not followed everything. So, does anyone know anything about these other new supps?


Another one in development is, I believe, a straight Carnitine supplement. Not just ALCAR but different forms of it, in bigger amounts... at least, I remember some spill where Shelby was talking about this.

Don't know about the third, it's fun to play guessing games though. :slight_smile:


So what exactly is Carnitine? I basically got the jist that it helps reduce fat and increase muscle mass. But I wasn't too sure what the difference is between that and something like HOT-ROX


Just google Acetyl-L-Carnitine. It's in Receptormax. One of my fav supps pre-workout, along with R-ALA.


I believe there is a new one that is more of a nootropic supplement. it was being touted as "brain candy" and Biotest even gave a few posters free samples to try out. havent heard of anything since or anything regarding other supps. but the ones they currently have work great as it is


brain candy, I could use some of that. I don't sleep much.


I love reading about new stuff.


Love to hear more, anyone?


you dont mean you take r-ala pre workout do you?


Any more info on the brain candy or Alcar supplement?


yes I do, in the form of Receptormax. from a Poliquin article...

The R-form Alpha-Lipoic Acid as a supplement offers you many advantages:

More lean muscle mass
Improved insulin sensitivity
Increased fat loss
Enhanced post-workout recovery by increasing glycogen synthesis and ATP levels
Very potent anti-oxidant
Neural protection
Lowering cardio-vascular risk factors


I remember they were also talking about some new clothing... different shirts and hats a believe.


Really? I still have an email from TC back from 2001 when I inquired about Testosterone Hats -lol



I had to think about this for a second. My immediate thought was a transdermal testosterone hat that you'd absorb right in to your head. LMAO!

I bet that would be a top seller right there.


from Livespill today

Chris Shugart: @All: So, Dr. Hall and I were getting ready to train today when Tim Patterson walks in and pours us a cup of the "brain candy" supplement. (That's not its name, just what we call it sometimes.) Great, focused, energized workout with no jitters. Now, 3 hours later, my mind is just humming along rather than slumping like it often does mid-afternoon. Killer. @Justin N. and co., this is what we'll be sending you to test out, once it's further along in development.


These will by far have the biggest impact on my lifting and recovery. They need to push these out ASAP.

They should make one that's just a big picture Christian Thibaudeau's head staring at you and pointing a finger with the text, "I'm watching YOU". That way whenever your lifting in front of a mirror in the gym, your going to go harder and heavier.


New clothing always works for me! Sure I've got the old black n yellow 'TEstosterone' shirts as well as the blue Biotest ones (used to be free with an order,.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when), but I also have each of the newer designs as well. I owe so much to this site, in terms of information as well as supplements, that I'm damn proud to be sporting their logos. Certainly a difference when some newb in his free-from-gnc 'teem-musckleshmek' shirt comes over to me to comment how he's never heard of Biotest (Good! More for me then!)

Just feeds into my gym mentality... "I'm working harder than everyone else in here, and I will reap the rewards that you will never know!"



The people have spoken.


Hat, shirts and a beanie. A pretty bad ass short would be an old "throw back" lookin grey "Property Of.../Established in..." shirt. Put the year the company started and all that. It'd be sweet. I'd rep one at the gym for sure.


I don't even know if this is "kosher" to discuss, but I'd like to see Biotest come out with a line of prohormones a la the old MAG-10. TBH I'm pretty ignorant of the specific laws and regulations with the FDA and all that, but I know there are companies doing it. If they put the same amount of effort into PH's as they do into other supplements, Biotest brand PH's would sell shitloads.

Reliable, safe PH's for the consumer, shitloads of money for Biotest. Win-win!


In case anyone pops in for more ALCAR info. In researching cancer since our dog has it, ALCAR has been shown to make certain chemo drugs more effective and less toxic to healthy cells.

No human trials have been done yet to my knowledge, but here's more info: