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new biotest products

IF you all are willing to tell, what new products do you all have in the wings or getting ready to be realeased soon ,id like to know you all make excellant innovations in products and im excited about whats next fro you all to come out with


yeah cmon… i hate wiating for tim to tell us cuz it takes a month and a half before he writes another behind the scenes

Now we all know why you should not cut your english class.

For several reasons (like other bottomfeeder supplement companies trying to rip us off) Tim prefers to keep things under wraps until he feels it’s time to let some info out. As an editor and writer for T-mag, and not someone involved much with the daily activity of Biotest, I don’t like to talk about new developments until Tim or TC does. That way I’m not spoiling their surprises.

So, based on that, I can safely say that the Grow! bars will be out in 6-7 weeks, Classic Grow! (original formula) will be out pretty soon, and the “next biggest thing” appears to be a myostatin blocker. See newest Behind the Scenes for info on that.

that myostatin blocker sounds so good i am drooling. and i can totally understand keeping things hush hush for the development phase. getting people all rabid aboot something and then it not panning out would be bad for business, im sure. but be sure to keep us up on the developments of the myostatin blocker. since the cats out of the bag, might as well keep us informed.