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New Biotest Poster

I got the new Biotest poster with my last order. It kicks ass. Has the new life-like ripped guy they use in the Myostat sheet you get with your orders and a crazy cool design. Anyone else got it yet?

We just received the new poster today and it blows the old poster away. The guy is freakin’ ripped and muscular. It’s my ideal physique.

Did you guys receive the new poster free with your order? Did you have to spend a certain amount?

I spent just over $150 and it came with my order free unexpectedly. I’m still awaiting further releases of Biotest/T-mag apparel. It would be nice to sport different Testosterone shirts and Biotest shirts all the time.

do you mean the poster you can order from the biotest store? is it the blue one with testosterone on the top or a completely new poster?

I dunno guys, I got mine, and maybe I’m 'too old’m but I’m not putting a poster of a muscular guy in shorts on my bedroom wall -lol

I appreciate Biotest’s little surprise, but would’ve preferred a t-shirt or something more useful for all the money I;ve thrown at them over the past 2 years.