New Biotest Ideas

I had a few ideas for Tim and TC. First, is the “Tub O’ Tribex.” It is a 5 gallon bucket of Tribex. I couldn’t even imagine a buy 2 get 1 free deal. What would I do with 15 gallons of Tribex? HeHeHe Next are several supplement ideas that I thought of. First, is “PURGE! - Post Meal expectorant for Bulemics.” It is designed to be used with John Berardi’s Massive Vomiting Program :> Next is “P2-Pro”, a diruetic agent, which comes with it’s own 1 gallon piss bottle, for those bladder bursting moments. Finally there is “BLOW!”- it increases semen loads enough to paint a small room. Then there are the T-Mag air fresheners. Each freshener is shaped in a large T, with the slogan, “Scares Away Estrogen!” I have a few favorite scents:- 1. Sweaty, crusty armpit. 2.Whey Protein Fart Fest. 3.Crunchy, Holey Socks. I hope you guys enjoy this, and hopefully Tim and TC can make some of this happen. -The Starkdog

I laugh

thats some funny ass shit!! to bad im not in the creative mood right now, just cant think of anything funny to add on.