New Berardi Interview Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights:

In discussing testosterone and T-supplements, Berardi started that most people taking these supplements don’t even need them, and are doing more harm than good by adding too much T to their bloodstreams, inhibiting the bodies natural production.

He said that the natural low testosterone levels associated with high frequency, or overtraining is also a myth blown out of proportion. While it is true that the blood testosterone levels are much lower, the testosterone receptors in the body are dramatically increased. The lack of a high presence of T in the blood is due to the T binding to these receptors, thus stimulating grown/progress.

Testosterone in the blood is not what determines grown and progress, but the binding of it to its receptors that does. Having low blood T levels is perfectly fine and expected during periods of intense training.

He states those with true T deficiencies, however, do benefit tremendously from supplementation or replacement therapy. In some cases, this lack of natural testosterone has inhibited growth and progress almost entirely until the levels were increased through drugs/supplements.

Steroids, on the other hand, increase natural T levels from upwards of a few hundred to a few thousand percent, and in these extreme cases, growth is inevitable.

When discussing the number one factor that could result in plateaus in body composition and strength, Berardi said that stress is the number one factor. Stress has been linked to fat retention, lack of muscle growth, lack of strength increases, among many other CVDs and cancers.

We all deal with stress regularly, but it’s recommended to find healthy ways to relax and relieve yourself of it. Often times, by changing nothing in diet or workout program and just by managing stress we can overcome plateaus. Obviously, if your diet and workout routine suck, then that’s another story.

JB stated that although he does not recommend this, most competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders smoke marijuana regularly to relieve stress. He then went on to state the benefits of cannabis as a stress relief tool, but stated several times that he is not condoning the use of it. He said there are many ways to relieve stress without the use of cannabis, but it is an outstanding tool nonetheless.

He then went on to discuss insulin sensitivity, but there wasn’t anything special that I remember that hasn’t been said anywhere else. He did recommended alpha lipoic acid (not alpha linoleic acid) in addition to fish oil, but anyone eating clean already should be getting in their lipoic acid through natural sources such as spinach and broccoli. He even recommends supplementing with it for those with very poor insulin sensitivity. He also states that most people aren’t taking enough fish oil to see ****bolic or insulin sensitivity related changes (10-12 grams).