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New Berardi Article


Is it only me or does Berardi include his bio in almost all of his recent articles. It's clear he's accomplished alot but most of us know his story already. Isn't tooting one's own horn every article (in the recent past) a bit narcisstic ?

More specifically, if you're good, why do you have to say it. Why can't you let people say it for you :slightly_smiling:

Maybe it's just me :slightly_smiling:



I think it's just the reality of doing business.

You have to establish your credentials and you have to get the word out... whenever you can.

However, I'll admit I don't always like it when I notice the commercial aspect of things.


Are you talking about when he posts the pictures in the articles? I think he just wants to show us what he accomplished because I am sure there are people out there that are at the same starting point.


A lot of people want to see the proof in the pudding.

Granted we shouldn't be judging a coach by his/her build it definitely says something if a coach is successful at what he preaches.

Just going off the top of my head...

Berardi has won Junior Nationals I believe in body building. Something of that sort.

He has also competed and completed in a triathlon (possibly more than one).

There is always a positive to getting info from someone who has "been there, done that".

Sure anyone can help you, but experience is a big part of coaching.


He's talking about the "About the Author" bit at the bottom of the article(s).

I don't mind it - it's like a bio which new users can use to learn about the author.

Either way with all he's accomplished he can "toot his horn" all he wants.


I think he is talking about JB mentioning that he went from like 150 to 205 or somthing like that and then showing the 3 pics. I don't mind it, but I have noticed that the discussion about it has appeared in like his last 4 or 5 articles.


Correct me if i'm wrong but haven't his last few articles been along the lines of his G-Flux theory? I believe his results are there to provide evidence to back up his research. Anyone who can talk the talk and walk the walk deserves a bit more respect than what is being given here.


It's free information so stop bitching.


Let's see:

It's free advertising; synergy between businesses

Serves as proof & history of his credentials

Acts as a reintroduction to newbies on this website and lurkers

Provides a link to his own website and good business practice

Bottom line; he looks what he talks and has the education and experience to bolster his claims

For that little paragraph he takes up he provides a shitload of training knowledge for FREE

Now, what is wrong with that?


Are you jealous? or is it just me?


A valid point. The OP and others are considering JB's articles as a series. They aren't. They are individual pieces that can be printed out and passed along. In each case, any article might be the first time a reader has heard of JB, and the confirmation that he "walks the walk" is valuable.


If you read an interview or article with a musician in a mag or something they usually mention their experience and work, its only the same in Berardi's case, the reader might not know who he is and a bit of background is just a normal thing.


Have you ever thought about someone who may come across the site, I don't know, say today or tomorrow? If that is the first article he clicks on then bam the info is there. No need to look up this Berardi fella.

Also, what about when sending an article to a colleague or friend? Do you want to have to send two? An extra just to cover credentials of where the guy has been. Again, it is the internet. FREE INFO. If you want it catered to you then pay for his services. geeezz...



It seems that whenever an author doesn't post their credientals somewhere in an article you got some cocky, newbie callin' them out.