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New Bench Press Variation



Vince Girona used to cross his legs when doing seated DB Curls. Of course he did that so the DBs wouldn't hit his thighs.

This guy looks like he's just relaxing while doing as little work as possible.



People are always so quick to judge as if partials or a suicide grip could serve absolutely no purpose. Now if he were to ONLY do partials on all of his lifts, never using full range of motion then that would be a different story.


I agree, D.

But look closer. The guy was letting the bar slide up and down the rack uprights!

Haha. Greenday's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is playing in the background.


There's elements of this that make sense: sliding the bar along the rack reminds me of the way you do reverse grip bench press in the smith and try to push out of the rack to activate the triceps more. But I agree it doesn't look convincing.