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New Bench PR!

Hey all, I just wanted to share with you guys that I had achieved a new personal best on the bench yesterday. 335lbs, I tried to get 350 but it did not happen. I do think that I can get the 350 bench, it is in me. The 335 went up pretty easy and I was really stoked after that!

Never mind the PR; your avatar is mind-boggling :stuck_out_tongue:

Outstanding dude!! PR’s are alot of fun. What do you weigh?

Great job, dude.

We’re really going to have to see some more pics like your avatar, though.

Congrats. Its an awesome feeling isn’t it?

I know for me one of my best achievements was busting through the 315 plateau I had for a long time.

You will be at 350 before you know it

212 lean but not ripped.


Good job! I’ll get there…eventually…

Awesome work man, keep it up! Nothing like hitting a PR, I hit a few while on the VD (weird, I know) and it was amazing!

good job bro! i just hit 350 myself

I just hit 350/2. I know exactly how you feel. =D It is an awesome feeling. Make sure you keep your shoulders and rotators and tri’s trained, they make a tremendous difference in your bench. There were a couple other topics recently on increasing bench PR, search and you will find some good info. Maybe we should get a T-Nation race to 400 going. Would be a lot of fun.

[quote]Diablo9845 wrote:
Awesome work man, keep it up! Nothing like hitting a PR, I hit a few while on the VD (weird, I know) and it was amazing![/quote]

Venereal Disease? Is syphilis anabolic now? gosh I’m a riot.

Good job on the bench dude!

Nice titties.

things that I found to be helpful in the quest for the big bench.

I am currently on phase 3 of “Winning the arms race” by Charles poliquin. While on phase 2 he calls for weighted dips 6 sets of 2-4 with a 4 second negative phase. I was using 180 lbs for that and noticed my bench increase because of that.

The other was the “Lost art of overhead pressing” article by Charles Poliquin found on this site. I did that routine just like he said. I did forego the bench press while I was doing the over head work. When I came back to the bench I was still strong.

If you take into consideration that I was doing both of these routines simultaneously. I was getting a great deal of work on the triceps and the shoulders. While giving my chest a break.

I am going to continue on the bench for a while until my progress stalls. I will then go back to the overhead pressing routine.