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New Bench PR Today

just got back from the gym. chest day. I managed 395. I think I could have got 405 but didnt want to push it. i deadlifted 405 wednsday for 3 and monday I squatted 315 for 2 sets of ten. Not the best but not bad. Give me some feedback on some of you guys progress so I have something to compare to. thanx gambit10

Ha! Beats me by a mile!

Bench: 265 maybe
Squat: 365 for 1
Deadlift: 465 for 1

You’re doing okay, I think.

wtg on the bench pr. got some of that myself today - feels mm good! u got me by leaps and bounds too.

I don’t powerlift, but if I had to guess, probably

squat: 350 (tripled 137.5kg high bar ATG today)
bench: 230-235 (tripled (97.5 kg today)
deadlift: 400

Congratulations, I hope to be able to bench that much at 35.