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New Bench Form = Lower Weight


Recently (~3 weeks), I've been correcting my form in my bench press (retracted shoulders, feet more behind me allowing me to push through the feet, elbows tucked, slighlty arched back, ACTUALLY LETTING THE BAR TOUCH MY CHEST ON THE ECCENTRIC MOTION). However, I don't bench as much as I used to (when my form was worse).

In the past, my PR for the bench press was 225X5. Now, my PR is 225X1...?!?!?!
My best guess for this is that I am now allowing the bar to TOUCH my chest on the eccentric motion, while in the past I would stop when the bar was near my chest (~ 2-3 inches is my best guess)....AND i don't flare my elbows out anymore.

Although I am benching w/ much better form, it is still frustrating that I can't put up as much weight as I used to...

So, do you guys think my bench press will gradually increase by sticking to the regular BB bench press (w/ good form)...OR, should I do something different like switch to DB bench press or some other kind of alteration to increase my bench...any information, articles, suggestions and etc. would be more that appreciated.

To put things in better perspective...I weigh 158LBS @ 5ft. 8in.
PRs - Back Squat 245X5, Conventional Powerlifting DL 335X5 (w/ chalk)

I am following a Upper/Lower split (2X per week upper, 2X per week lower)


i had the same problem, trust me man it gets better, it just sucks fr the first month or so


You’ll be alright.


So you were partial benching before and expect 3 weeks later for your full ROM to be equal?

Keep pressing.


lolol…good way to put it IronAbrams. Thanks for putting things in perspective for me guys.


I thought this was a joke at first.


lolol…sorry to disappoint


Well, when you board press you can do more weight than full ROM, so by extension…

You’ll gain the weight back before you know it though man.