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New Beginning


Hey guys, I've never been an athlete by a long shot, but at 20 I feel the need to be fit. Partly because I have a year to get ready for a program in Adventure Tourism in Canada that requires you to be in good physical condition.

So this is how i look, I'm nearly 6 feet tall and somewhere between Ecto and Mesomorph i reckon. I weigh 176lbs (80kg). I look like I have a decent frame when I've got my shirt on, but my BF% is 23 or 24, I reckon.

The problem is I don't have much muscle mass on my body. My arms and legs are pretty much thinner than normal.

Further, for the last 5 or 6 years, I've never cared about my diet so naturally, I have a gut and some amount of chest flab. This is one reason I always have a shirt on even on a Sunday evening when I'm chilling with a couple of mates. I don't drink a lot of soda or any of that, but yes, I do eat a decent amount of junk at the moment.

I don't like being unfit one bit, because I don't look or feel that nice. I've never abused alcohol or drugs, although the odd beer every month or two is good for me.

I've smoked nearly 2 or 3 cigarettes a day for nearly a year now, sometimes a bit more than that.

What I need from you guys is a plan to start off with and whether I need any supplements at all. I know the basics of eating clean, and incorporating cardiovascular exercises and weight training into my program.

How much is the question. I'm posting a picture of myself that I've taken just today.
My expectations: I don't want to look really big or anything, just fit. Lean and muscular, like an athlete. For example, the way Cam Gigandet looks in the movie Never Back Down.

I know I have at least a couple of months to go before i can look decently figured; but a rough estimate would be nice. (Assuming I follow a diet and program mentioned by you)

I'm confused as to whether i should use Whey Standard Gold (and Serious Mass for a month or two)as supplements, seeing that I really need some muscle packed on and then hit the cardio hard... OR focus on cutting straight away with some HIIT/kickboxing classes/swimming. I don't want to look real thin.

So yes, I'm hoping for feedback and any advice that you'll can think of! :slightly_smiling:


The Whey Standard Gold WILL make you = Cam Gigandet :wink:


quit smoking, eat clean, start a beginner's program (search some of the threads on the website)... u should see results in a few months


Yeah....I would say your more on the endomorphic side. An ectomorphic indivdual is not gonna have anywhere near the bf % you have. You should lift heavy in the gym. You want a progam go look at my first post and follow mine. I dont think it was bad and following it I gained 30 lbs in a seven month period. But you get out what you put in. Cam gigandet is a bitch. You dont want to look like that. He is a skinny guy with a six pack that was brushed over in the movie. Its all smoke and mirrows. Just like Jake gyllenhaal's seven lb muscle implants for his role in prince of persia. So aspire to be like someone a little more authentic.


Cheers for the replies!
Endomorph, wow I thought i was just another skinnyfat dude.. Anyway, I get what you'll are saying, although i'm still not clear about whether i need to try and pack on some muscle first or lose fat.
As i understand, you'd suggest 100% whey gold standard yeah?
Thanks again, i will be quitting my job at the end of this month so i can train perfectly (seeing that I'm occupied about 12 hours a day at the moment. What i can do from right now is follow a cleaner diet.
Hoping to see some results soon, will put up any photos/updates i can give along the way.


Dude, you can likely be losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time at this point if you just clean up your diet, eat a caloric surplus, and train hard.

The supplements don't matter so much, just focus on the food for now.

Also, I hope you're not quitting your job to train more, that would be stupid...

Two other things: Don't worry about photos anytime soon. I made the mistake of taking pictures too early into my training and getting down on myself about not making enough progress, all the while not realizing that this is not a one or two month activity, but a lifelong pursuit. Get rid of the whole, "I don't want to get too big" mentality. Trust me, you probably won't, but if you become like the rest of us, you'll want to. It's better to act like you do though because you may actually gain enough muscle to stand out if you approach it this way.


Thanks for the input Dabba, I appreciate your concern and i know it sounds stupid, but this was meant to be a temporary job. LOL, you see in India you can either work or study.. Can't do both at the same time because a job = 9 hours a day, plus it takes me about 2and a half hours to commute. 8 hours dedicated to sleep, which leaves me no time really. Besides I'd rather concentrate on the program that I need to be ready for.

Cheers for the valuable opinion on the calorie intake, i reckon that's exactly what i need.
The reason is cos climbers can't afford to have too much mass on them. Although, i know i have a long long way to go before i need to worry about that.

Right now, my primary goal is to put on as much lean muscle as i can (which is exactly what you said about eating clean and higher than maintainence level.

Keep the comments flowing, I need all the help i can get! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you want to make a change in your health and the way you look- unlike the majority of people these days. Get a beginner program thats easy to follow. Eat healthy, lift consistently, and you should see good progress if you keep with it. Getting a lifting partner is a great idea too.


[quote]UttamGala46 wrote:
Cheers for the valuable opinion on the calorie intake, i reckon that's exactly what i need.
The reason is cos climbers can't afford to have too much mass on them. Although, i know i have a long long way to go before i need to worry about that.

what do you mean by climbers? are you working on paper scafolding or do 'they' just say keep thin and light? how about dramaticaly increasing your strength-to-weight ratio eg weighted pullups?


Thanks man, it sure is nice to hear words of encouragement from the experienced.


Climbers as in rock climbers, you see a major reason for this change is because i'll be going to canada for adventure tourism a year later. Yes, strength to mass ratio is most important so weighted pull ups would be great.. Although i have to do them without weights as of now.