New Beginning at 41 Possible?

First, let me say thanks to anyone willing to lend their educated advice to me regarding the following question.

I am 41 year old male that has trained on and off again over the past 8-10 years. Currently I am 6 feet tall, weight 210-215 pounds, not sure on my body fat but If I had to guess, I would say its between 15 and 21%. My current natural test levels are at 350 ng/dl and I have had a very very limited use of anabolics in the past, with the last use being over 5 years ago (some test and deca).

I never really developed a large muscular build, I have always kept a relatively (I would consider) medium muscular build. I have done several amateur MMA fights with my last one approximately 5 years ago. I have not done much training over the past year due to personal stresses in my life but, now those stresses are gone and I am very focused on getting back to the gym and training very hard.

Now, with some of my history info out of the way, here are my questions. Is it possible for a 41 year old man to train and diet properly and truly gain muscular size? This would obviously mean that I would be growing muscularly. I have thought of doing another MMA fight (amateur level) but have been told consistently that I am too old.

I have also been told that at my current age I would not be able to have muscular growth and development, I would only be able to maintain what is existing. Furthermore, this was mainly due to my age and the lower rate of hormone production within my body. I simply can not development beyond what my �??muscle memory�?? currently has (so I am told). If true, this would be very disappointing.

I do not want to start any anabolic cycles!!! I would like to do this completely natural. IS MUSCLE GROWTH POSSIBLE at my age?? What do you think???.

You’ve done steroids and you’re still ignorant as to whether it’s possible to gain muscle at your age???

Bullpup, yes! your statement is a correct one. Please remember, my use was very very limited years ago. Although not mentioned in the first post, it was at a hormone replacement clinic under the direction of a physician. My knowledge in the area of anabolics is very limited and that is why I am not here to get advice on my next cycle. I would rather stay natural with proper diet and training.

Yes it’s possible to grow muscle in your 40’s. It’s not like when you were younger but you will be pleasantly surprised. The big advantage you have now is patience. You can take the long view. You may not get to competitive levels but even that is possible. I’m 51, a friend at the gym is 43. I though he was mid thirties, he thought I was his age. There are guys there older than us that put us to shame.

All over the internet I see examples of guys in their 60s, 70s and older in fabulous shape.


You would be suprised how well the middle-aged body responds to strength training,

Now, go hit the weights!

There is a limit to how much muscle ANYONE can carry, even for guys doing massive amounts of anabolics.

The real question is if you are at your natural limit. The answer is that you won’t know until you try.

Besides your testosterone levels, your size will also be limited by your training and your nutrition. If your training is 100% the best that is possible and your nutrition is 100% the best that is possible, then it’s a reasonable assumption that you’re growing as much and as fast as you can. The reality, however, is that while most of us strive for perfection in training and nutrition, we rarely achieve it.

You’ve also got to ask yourself what difference does it make? If you knew for a fact that you couldn’t get any bigger would you give up training and sit on the sofa eating bonbons? There are myriad benefits to training beyond getting bigger, so why not just quit worrying about it and get on with doing it?

I’m ten years older than you, and by the time I got around to checking T levels, it was too late-I was in the hundreds. If I were you, I would read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on (a lot is right here on T-Nation) to both naturally boost your T levels, reduce your Estradiol, and eliminate all possible T robbers (soy and other phytoestrogens, many commercial chemicals, long distance running, sleep deprivation, and about a hundred more.)

Read Happydog and KSman’s posts, and see how much you can optimize your T/E ratio. Meanwhile, of course, bust your ass in the gym and eat right. You’ll surpise yourself at how much you can still do. Doc

Cappelli, I’m 43 as of yesterday and my training has significantly impacted my size and strength.

That’s NOT to say I’m a big fella, 6’2" @ 200lbs, but let me tell you that whe I drop the training for more than a few months (injury or wotnot), the visual impact isn’t pretty. Upon resumption of the training, I will very quickly take on a better shape, much higher definition and in my opinion good size gains.

Each to his own but I wouldn’t be getting into MMA due to potential of injury at my age which would stop me from weight training.

Too old? be buggered! check out the thread by Old Navy and you’ll see a fella who’s an inspiration!

In that case then don’t think about your age, please. Just go lift. Even if you’re 100 years old, you’ll still gain muscle. It’ll be a lot harder than when you were in your teens and 20’s and had more testosterone and recovery capabilities, but it can be done. And regardless of how much you gain, you’ll be better off afterwards than you are right now.

I have also been told that at my current age I would not be able to have muscular growth and development, I would only be able to maintain what is existing. Furthermore, this was mainly due to my age and the lower rate of hormone production within my body. I simply can not development beyond what my �??muscle memory�?? currently has (so I am told). If tru e, this would be very disappointing

This is nonsense. I am 54 and have substantial gain acheived in the past 16 months. 3 inches chest; 2 1/2 inches upper arms; 1 inch forearms;2 1/2 inches thighs; 1 inch calves; also impressive shoulder growth and glute definition. I am currently stalled out and have started a personal variation of German Volume training to shock my body into new growth. Why would tou think you are old at 41? In my mind that is ridiculously young.

Age 55.

Age 55


I wish. That’s Albert Beckles, 1985 2nd place Mr. Olympia at age 55.

I want to thank everyone for their input on this subject. Out of everything I read, I think the best suggestion was a very simple one, just get back to the gym and train! That is exactly what I started and what I intend on continuing to do. Regardless of what may or may not be possible at this point in my life, at least I will be able to move forward remaining in as good a shape as possible. My hope is that I can obtain new muscle growth and development, but if not, I will do just fine with what I have. I will keep you posted on my results.

One final question, can anyone suggest a good online service that can help to construct a proper diet for what my current goals are??? Of so, please let me know.

Thanks again!

I will be 48 very soon. And although I have seen some modest gains over the last few years my motivation is just to be in better shape than most of the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. I prefer not to be waddling like a duck when I walk like its seems the majority of people my age are doing.

Simple answer is yes. My dad put on size at 71. It depends on how hard you hit and if you train smart!

You’ll do ok, Bro.

Train Insane or remain the same!

Nutrition knowledge here:

Have fun!