New Before & After Pic

Hey all, I just uploaded my latest picture after working out for 2 - 3 weeks… I have a Before and After now, my first one is the before which was taken on February 17th, 2008, then the after was taken March 10,2008.

Please let me know if you see change! I see somewhat minor change but thats just me.

It looks like you lost a little fat. Anyway, don’t obsess too much over month to month changes. I was doing that for a while, but it’s pointless. Just focus on the lifts and getting stronger.

The only month-month changes I’m going to be focusing on are my lifts.

On my log I have been rising on all my lifts.

Set your goal horizons to at least a 3 month span. Your first month you’ll probably notice some big changes in getting used to the lifts and form but real body changes take about 3-6 months. The process is slow but don’t let that discourage you. Keep the hard work up, keep reading and you’ll see results.

There are definite changes. Your moobs are shrinking as is your belly fat. Keep up with what you are doing and keep working hard.

Yeah you def look like you have firmed up some and lost some fat, your ‘love handles’ look smaller. Progress, however small, is always good motivation!

Like was said above wait a few months and take some more pics, these will be great to look back on next year when they will show a dramatic difference. It’s often easier to see changes looking at pics side by side than in the mirror as you get used to seeing yourself everyday.

Keep working hard and you will see more changes as the months progress, you’re def on the right track.

[quote]TsNod wrote:
On my log I have been rising on all my lifts. [/quote]

Good. That matters more than what you see visually in my opinion. If your body is putting on a little fat during your bulk you might not see progress visual changes very well. Personally, I haven’t been putting on fat, but my fat hasn’t been dropping either.

Great job on the fat loss. Set small goals for yourself and keep working hard.

Awsome thanks all, yeah everything is going good I just need to start scheduling my eating a lot better now that I work full time I got to come up with something.

Yoel I got some new key phrases for you

Food prep
Tupperware/ziplock bags
shaker bottles

That’s the name of the game when you are on the run. Use your off lifting days to cook 2-3 days worth of food and portion it all out so it just needs a quick spin in the microwave to be ready to go. If you don’t have your food ready you will either not eat or eat bad stuff, we aren’t going to let that happen.