New BCAA/High Fat Diet Study

I just read a news article about a new study on BCAAs and insuline resistance. It’s a rat study, so I wouldn’t chuck my tablets down the toilet just yet, but if they’re really onto something, it flies in the face of everything we believe in concerning high intake of these amino acids when we’re on low carb diets.

Just something to think about while more research is done I suppose.

great article thanks!

Its not very common to get information like that on this site. Most people here believe Supplements are the holy grail and there is no downside.

lets see what they can find out.

by the way i truly love BCAA. I am a muay thai fighter and i can train a bit more harder if i throw in some BCAA bevore and during workout…


Whenever I read summaries of studies like this, the first thing I always ask myself is “How do I resemble the study population?”.

Obviously I’m not a rat (well, depends who you ask I guess).

But, the goal of the study seems to be to determine how ‘obese’ people are affected by the excess BCAA + high fat diet.

This is a key paragraph:

“I want to be clear that our animal data suggest that there is nothing wrong with obtaining protein from sources that are high in branched-chain amino acids, as long as you are not eating beyond what your energy needs are,” said Newgard, who is a professor of pharmacology and cancer biology and professor of medicine at Duke. “If you add a lot of unneeded protein to a fatty diet, perhaps that’s where you get into problems. The ancient Greeks were right: everything in moderation.”

One, define ‘obese’.
Two, do the folks who stand to gain the most benefit from BCAA supplementation (eg weightlifters cutting fat under strict diets) fall into that category?
Three, how much carry over is there between a)rats, to b)‘obese people’, to c)semi-athletic (ie somewhat fit) people, to d)elite athletes?

Don’t know. I take BCAA’s around my workouts with a moderately low carb diet (ie high protein/fat) and have seen only beneficial changes, compositionally and verified through bloodwork.

interesting. i wont be getting rid of my BCAAs though. that study is talking about an excess of BCAAs and fat in the diet. But i think its the same thing as an excess of anything in the diet that will lead to insulin resistance and obesity. BCAAs cause an insulin spike, when combined with high fat you’ll get fatter. Same thing goes with high carbs and fat. I bet those rats weren’t deadlifting

Ah, you never know:


But seriously those are all legitimate points of course. Like I said: No reason to flush it down the toilet just yet.
I’m using them between meals myself while dieting.