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New Batman Movie...


Wonder if this is real...


As good as the first one was, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the sequel. Bale seems to have good sense when it comes to choosing roles. This was just his first "blockbuster".



I'm going to go check again but I read that the Joker isn't going to be in the 2nd one. That card at the end of Begins was just for a cheap laugh. Well, maybe I'm being a bit harsh but I hate when movies do that. The worst I can remember is with Red Dragon.

Regardless, I can't wait for the 2nd and 3rd.


Eh, I guess it is going to be the joker.




I heard it was going to be Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) since he's been doing the Joker's voice for years on the animated series and the video games, but I think this is also a rumor. That would be a sweet comeback to the big screen though.


I think Michael Clarke Duncan should play the Joker. He could pick up Batman by the throat screaming "Why aren't you laughing now, Bitch!".

Yeh. A giant, black, roid-raging Joker. That would shake hollywood up......


if it is joker, crispin glover should play him. Or maybe robin williams


Come on guys this is T-Nation we should be pulling for Bane to be the next batman villian, and not as some roided up little freak like he was in Batman&Robbin but as the ex wrestler turned assasin that could and has broken batman in half. Now we need to find some one big enough


I'd like to see the Joker from "Batman: Dead End." Just give him some decent dialogue, he could probably turn out a good performance.


Brock Lesner would be perfect... and he wears a mask so we could get someone else to do the voice.

By the way, nice screenname means shadow warrior correct?


Nah. After the Ras Al Ghoul/Scarecrow incident, the Joker seems like a natural fit. It'd be great to see the Killing Joke worked in as something that occurred during Begins.

And I think the wrestler Batista has the physicallity to play Bane (at least the No Man's Land Bane - post-Venom).


I was going to say Brock Lesnar. Batista doesn't seem big enough. I'd flip out if they had Venom in the next Spider-Man.



I saw the machinist over the weekend.

Damn, Bale really put the weight back on for "begins"...

His phisique in the machinist made Donny Walbergs phisique in Sixth Sense look like Butterbean.

Rent the Mahcinist, it's pretty stinking good.

Sorry for the hyjack,



Umm Bane was not an ex wreslter he was a man who grew up in prison. His mom was sent to jail pregnant with him and he spent his life in jail, he submitted himself to Venom experiments(a super steroid in the DCU) and became Bane.
See here


Or how about an actually Hispanic wrestler, Eddie Guerrero? He's thick. Otherwise, give the voice acting to Benicio Del Toro or Olivier Martinez. An obviously roided person shouldn't have that deep of a voice for their size--haven't you watched Ronnie Coleman's training video?


I've heard it is between Mark Hamill, Crispin Glover and Paul Bettany for the Joker.


I think Micheal Keaton should be the new Joker. Something old to tie to the new would add an interesting dimension.


No, it wouldn't. Screw the old. They screwed up a franchise. It took real work to get it back on track.


I did not see "The Machinist" but this photo certainly gives you an idea of how far Bale took his physique for that movie. Yikes.

I just saw Batman Begins last night and I am still floored with how good it was and how it was a serious treatment of the character (my all-time fave comic book hero). Brilliant stuff.