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New Basic Training Program

So after having plateau a lot in the past months im thinking about restarting a tried and true old school program… 5x5 ramping weight (50, 60, 70, 80, 90%) with an A/B setup 3 times a week using 90% as my training max for my 5rm and increasing 5lbs to my training max for upper body and 10lbs to lower body

-squat 5x5
-bench 5x5
-rows 5x5
-biceps 3x10

-deadlift 5x5
-oh press 5x5
-chins 5x5
-triceps 3x10

Im 175cm and 73kg (naked first thing in the morning) so i need to add some mass too

Current maxes tested some months ago
Ohpress 55kg
Deadlift 140kg
Bench press 84kg
Squat 116kg

with my maxes and currently stats would i benefit from this kind of program or not? I plan to up my lifts to at least by the end of the year
1xbw ohpress
1.5bw bench
2bw squat
2.5bw deadlift

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Only thing I’d do is add some more horizontal pulling (especially if your tricep work is ‘pushing’) or rear delts- not both, and one ab exercise per day.

I do 10 reps of band pull-aparts between sets of oh press and bench to balance… would it be enough?

Probably, just keep them shoulders healthy!

Totally, thanks for the advice. Just want to make sure this program is well planned and would help to reach my goals of strength/size

With those numbers you’d benefit more by doing something like madcow 5x5 or something like a Dan John program

Looks decent but 5x5 on pulling movements should be changed. Something like 5x8-15 would likely work better long term

I plan to do 5x5 on rows and chins but not maxing on them like the big 4… but maybe i could up the rep range a little… thanks for the help

So far ive been using this program for a few weeks and its working good but was just wondering…
After the top 5x5 ramping set (90%) adding a single back-off set of 10 reps at 50 or 60% would benefit in terms of size/strenght gain? It wouldnt be a big change in terms of volume but just wondering if it could help or could possibily affect negatively the program…

Which program, madcow?

I explained it in the first post… its not exactly madcow