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New Bas Rutten Self Defense Video


A hilarious crash course in self-defense from Bas Rutten and Maxim Online. Check it out!


Bas has a great personality!
I have always enjoyed his fights.
He would have been very good for UFC, but they never seemed to use him correctly. I feel he would have been a great ambassador for the sport.
My only problem is that I could never justify the fight he beat randleman in. I watched that payper view and was shocked he was awarded the decision. It seemed like randleman was on top of him and in control the entire time. I think he even broke Bas's nose. Bas seemed shocked that he won in the post fight interview.
Does anybody who knows more about MMA have any explanation?


Funny stuff, thanks for posting.

I'm glad he's making a come back. In a recent interview he said his training has been going great and his injuries are not troubling him. He also mentioned being up to 240 solid pounds. Should be fun to watch him bash Kimo.


hahah man bas is the shitz. He is deffinetly one of my favorite fighters of all time, he was probably the reason i got so interested in fighting.


that one old but funny too


Thats actually quite old.


MMA politics. Bas had a massive following plus he is a very enteraining fighter, both in an out of the ring so he was a big draw card for the sport. I think Bas knows he lost that fight.
Chech out this link where Bas Rutten and Kevin Randleman clash backstage at PRIDE.


I think you're wrong on this one. Bas only weighed 210 at his last fight. Unless he gained 30 pounds of muscle in 4 months at age 40 something, Bas will always be on the fringe between HW and LHW.


I thought Randleman won, hands down.

Bas had no intention of being a superstar for the UFC. His goal was to get into acting and movies, he was done with fighting at that point in his career. He just felt that he needed to get a name for himself in America to further his acting career and agreed to do a a few fights. Once he became champion his work was done and he went on to make such classic films as "The Eliminator"...errr...the UFC really wasn't as mainstream as he hoped.