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New Band Bench Shirts and Inzer Bolt

I’m looking into getting a new bench shirt and I’m thinking of either the Benchdaddy Bison shirt or the Inzer Bolt.

Has anyone tried these new shirts, like the killer b and super bison shirts?

How are they compared to the Inzer shirts?

Also has anyone tried the Inzer Bolt? How is it compared to the Rage X

Inzer bolt is single ply.

The others are unlimited.

These are 2 vastly different things, even if you get a “single ply” bison it’s not a single ply bench shirt, it’s a single ply band shirt.

I don’t know too many single ply guys that use Inzer, most are Titan Katanas.

Do you have much shirted benching experience? If so go ahead and get what ever you want, but if you don’t have a ton of experience I’d stay away from the band shirts. Your body isn’t ready to handle that type of load.

Yeah I use shirts. I have always loved using the Inzer denim shirts and I have used the Rage X. But I want something different

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Go ahead and get that band shirt then. It’ll definitely be different!

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How so?

I’ve seen 600# benchers in a SDP go to 800 with a band shirt.

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Is it legal in the apf, RPS, & other feds?

RPS is yes for unlimited( band shirts )

Unsure about APF.

XPC is a yes. SPF is a yes.

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