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New Avatar


I'm torn, which avatar should I pick?





What do you guys think?

Or should it be none of these, and I'll go look for some more hotter one's.

Or if anyone is nostalgic I'll put up an older one.


Pick the one that will make people think it is actually you, and not just a guy who likes to look at a hot chick for an avatar.

My husband votes for Ms. Bendy.


I think we should see you in all of your actual glory.


Why would I do that?

Edit: Which category does Ms. Bendy go under?


Because it amuses me to no end to see 40 year old men hit on a teenage guy they think is a teenage girl.

Ms. Bendy looks like she might be a real human, so you will get hit on.


You've changed your avatar like 20 times in the past month. why don't you actually post those progress pics you were talking about?

Oh, and the girl in your avatar looks 14. Also, her room is messy and I find this to be an undesirable trait in a mating partner, therefor, I find her unattractive.
Also, she's 14.


WolBarret did all this first.

He is the master of the quickchange avatar.


The progress pics will be up once I get our digital camera when my sister come's back from college for Christmas. I will upload my pathetic numbers right now though, since I have been putting that off.

Avatar's gone.


Numbers are up in my thread in beginners section.

This avatar good enough?


Nah, you can find so much better on the internet, RB.


chick number one wins.


I agree with pushmepullme, go with something that is a variant of you.


I wish I could figure out how to change mine. I'm bored of it


My vote is for you to change them on a regular basis, consistent with your current M.O.


I changed my avatar.


Holy crap!