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New Audioslave


... is so fucking god awful. Has anybody heard their new single, "Original Fire"? I wanted to cry. I felt like I was listening to fucking Huey Lewis. I mean, their last album wasn't great, but at least it had a few good tracks. If this single is reflective of the new album, I think you can count me among the ones that won't be buying it.

Hopefully when they tour, they'll at least have the sense to still bring the older stuff out.


I haven't heard it, thanks for the warming. Out of Exile, I found, only had 4 decent songs. Good thing for electronic music stores where you can just buy individual songs instead of buying a whole disc for a couple songs.


If by "older stuff" you mean "Rage Against the Machine" and by "Audioslave" you, again, mean "Rage Against the Machine"....

then, yeah, maybe...


Yeah I have no idea what happened there. Their first album was really, really good...Just straight rock and roll...then their second album hits and it's a big load of crap. Tons of talent in that band, I just don't think they're headed in the right direction with their music. Should sound more like At the Drive In.


Yeah, I thought a lot of their first album was REALLY good (Audioslave, that is). It rocked and yet it sounded totally unique to me, like no other band. On their second album, like someone just said, there were really only 3 or 4 good songs.

"Original Fire" sounds pretty mediocre to my ears. Hopefully, as is sometimes the case, the most hard-rockin' songs aren't the ones that are released as singles, so maybe the album contains some better stuff than that. I hope so; they're one of my favorite bands lately.

I'm looking even more forward to Velvet Revolver's new album, though, whenever that comes out. :slight_smile:


Haha yeah basically. They usually throw down a couple of Rage songs every concert. I'm hoping they'll continue this, because I still want to see them the next time they tour.


I thought the same thing bro. I'm still holding out hope that most of the new album will be pretty good. I guess we'll find out soon. BTW, what's your favorite song on their first album? So hard to choose, but I'll go with "Show me how to live" just gets me fired up before a workout.


Original Fire is different for sure. It's alot more upbeat then their songs from before. They will never top the first album release, most bands don't. I can't remember what their first release was on the Out of Exile album, but I remember thiking that I was more impressed with the other songs. Hopefully Original Fire will not be their "best song" from this album. I F-ing love all the Seatle grunge, which Soundgarden was one of the main four bands. I see that Chris Cornnel(spelling?) is gradully changing his sound. I just hope Original Fire is more of an experiment than his new sound. I will still blindly drop some dollars on Sep. 5th when the new album is released.


My favorite song is definitly "Gasoline."

Intro gets me hyped whenever I hear it... I really relate to the lyrics (like a lot of stuff of that first cd, it can really be interpereted in some different ways)... The solo is badass... Then the end when he just starts going nuts is awesome as well.

Although "Show me how to live", "What you are" and "Cochise" are also favorites.


Saw Miami vice the other night and it sounded like every other song on the soundtrack was by Audioslave....or at least Chris Cornell. Anyone know if this was new album stuff or specifically for the soundtrack?


They DO?!??! Man, I can honestly say I would not want to see / hear that. I liked Chris Cornell well enough in Soundgarden, but I think I'd have to slap someone if I heard him try to do a Rage tune. Let alone try to rap. Christ...


It depends, but usually it's just the band doing instrumental stuff. He did a decent job with "Sleep Now in the Fire", it's on the "Live From Cuba" DVD, it sounds a lot different then the Rage version, but is still good.

Mostly, it's just him hanging out while Morello rips the shit up for about 5-10 minutes.


How sad.


I just don't think Cornell and Morello and co mix at all. I couldn't believe Tom kept doing those wierd noises in Audioslave, I mean c'mon, it was cool for evil empire, but not behind cornell. Battle of LA should have been the end of that. Maybe if Audio had had Tom's conventional soloing, like on the self titled rage album...

I guarantee if rage had never been and then Audioslave came out as Tom's first band, People would have been like 'wtf?" It just doesn't go at all. The man is creative enough to do better. Everyone in that band is.




I totally agree with everything you said here. Specifically the part about if Audioslave had been the first band.


I gotta agree with Blood and Young...

There are a couple songs where it works, but I really feel like they were just kind of like "Ok, Tom's gonna do a cool intro, then Tim's gonna come in with the bass line, Chris is gonna sing the first verse, after the second verse (around 2:20 to 2:40), Tom's gonna bust out a solo and in the meantime Brad's gonna try not to screw up the song with his mediocre drumming."

With Rage, I felt like Zach was so incendiary and full of energy that it pushed Tom (and the rest of the band) to keep up. I think Tom had a little bit of an ego and wanted to be the star of the band, but Zach was so vocal and so out there (and such a monster on stage), that Tom had to play his ass off to keep up. With Audioslave, they're kind of just like, "fuck it, we can just do this to sell."

Also, what seperated Rage from anything else was just that raw intensity that just grabbed you and wouldn't let you go. The end of songs like Freedom, Take the Power Back, Wake Up, Guerilla Radio and Bullet in the Head where Zach is screaming his ass off and Tom is just pounding on the guitar. Audioslave just can't imitate it, although the end of Gasoline is pretty close.


i think out of exile is one of those records that's so good you take it for granted. that record kicks ass especially the rhythm section. whereas i'm kinda the opposite of most here in thinking the first audioslave was just ok, yeah cornell did more screaching and they tried to rock a little harder but it was so predictable. i heard the new tune and i thought it was tight.

i've never been a rage fan though, that guy zach sounds like freaking monkey getting raped. i'm also giving thumnbs down to playing rage or sg tunes. who the hell needs to hear kino one more time ? or black hole sun for that matter. i don't. i dig the new shit. take me somewhere i haven't been.


Their shows were crazy.


I probably would have liked rage if my friend at least tried to listen to something else. I heard rage and sublime so much that I WILL change the station if that crap comes on the radio. Cornell has a unique voice. It is not the same sound produced in Soundgarden, but it just as cool. I just hope they don't turn like Metallica did.

Alot of you guys are complaining that Audioslave's sound is crap. The whole idea behind the band was the combination of two different sounds to create a new one. I don't see them trying to actualy immitate their previous bands, so you can't compare them to rage or soundgarden.