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New Audioslave CD rocks!

What happens when you take the lead singer of Soundgarden and the band of Rage Against the Machine? You create a kick ass band called Audioslave. Picked up their CD yesterday and it is excellent.

Audioslave has a great sound, and I’m a huge fan of both RATM and Soundgarden. The only downfall that I see of the band is that Cornell’s lyrics aren’t nearly as deep or insightful as they were with Soundgarden, and with De La Rocha, the rest of the band doesn’t have much of an edge. Overall though, Audioslave is pretty damn good and it’s definitely worth the $15 to pick up their CD.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree here. Rage has not done anything new since their first album. Everything after has been nothing but recycled riffs. The same holds true for Audioslave. They haven’t done anything to re-invent themselves in 11 years now. RATM’s 1st album came out in 1992 and they have shown no progression whatsoever in my opinion.

The album definitely kicks ass, and I think it did help the remainder of RATM progress. A lot of the tracks are more melodic and don’t have as much of an edge as their old stuff. The addition of Chris Cornell led to that, and from what I have heard, that is one of the reasons that De la Rocha split. That and the fact that he thought the rest of the band wasn’t politically radical enough anymore. Cornell has a better range and that allows them to mellow out some of the tracks that they couldn’t before. Tom Morello is as innovative as always, and his solos are great. While I wouldn’t classify it as the best album of all time, I will second the notion that it is worth $15.

I’m listening to it right now. Cochise is an excellent choice for those “grit it out” sets. Just picked it up last week myself and I sing those songs in my head ALL freakin day.
“Don’t save yourself…take it out on meeeeeyeaaaaa”!!!

I haven’t had the chance to pick up the CD but I was blown away when I listened to the tracks that were leaked about 9 months ago. Chris Cornell is one of my all-time favorite vocalists. He can scream like a banshee but sing velvety smooth as well. Hell, he also does a bit of scat on one of the songs! :slight_smile: The album also showcases Morello’s abilities as a blues/rock player and not simply slapping out funk riffs and noise like he was with RATM. Next time I’m in a record store, I’ll pony up the $15. Great CD. --Alex

Sound Against the Ragegarden? No thank you.

Disagree. It sounds exactly how you’d think it would sound; like Chris Cornell singing over RATM riffs…and you can totally tell the riffs that Cornell wrote, because they sound like Soundgarden. I was never a Rage fan, and while it is nice to hear Cornell singing loud again, I’d rather throw on Badmotorfinger than burn 15 bucks on derivative F# tunes.

trite. Doesn’t live up to its potential. PEDESTRIAN.

When I heard “Cochise” for the first time I was in a van coming back from a field trip with some of my students. I heard the base drum, then the familliar Morrello noise, and I thought… “is this a RATM remix?” Then the full riff came in and I was like “Holy shit they’re back together!” and when Chris Cornell Sprang into action I simply freaked the fuck out. My students must’ve thought I was a crackhead or something. It’s an awesome song, has an awesome video, and I think audioslave is a good project for all involved. The musicians, the fans, and the haters all have something new to talk about.