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New Audio Interview Up!


The new D-Tap audio interview with Alwyn Cosgrove is now up! See left side of page for T-Radio player.

Problem? Not seeing the new interview? Click on "Windowshade Player" on the left side of the page. You may also have to quit your browser and come back in to T-Nation, clear your cache, shift-reload/refresh, or delete your temporary internet files. Also, you may want to use the stand-alone player option if you're surfing the site while listening.

If you have any other problems, get help in the Tech Support section of the site.


another hit d-tap, awesome!!

Shugs any chance that you would d-tap a certain Mr.Poliquin? how about CT again?


I'm up for it if CP is. He's kinda hard to catch and keep still for 15 minutes, as you can imagine.

I'm trying not to repeat interviewees, at least for a while more. I'm sure I'll do more with Waterbury, Thibaudeau and others, but for now I'm going to try not to repeat.


Alwyn has a cool accent even if it was a bit difficult to understand at times. Can we get subtitles.

BTW - Clearing out my cache was the best thing. By deleting my Testosterone cookies (that sounds weird) I experienced several miracles, one of which is that I now stay logged in.


I was hoping it would be Alwyn being the next. Regretfully really hard to listen to. Subperfect audio quality mixed with a scottish accent (although is mighty cool), makes a non-native english speaker really wanting subtitles :slight_smile:


We'll fly to Norway next time and do the interview at your house. And we'll bring a translator.


Awesome! So T-Nation literally do bring information home to the readers :slight_smile:


How about Dave Tate?


I put in my vote for Dave Tate.



This one was GREAT. I dig Alwyn's sense of humor. That, combined with the accent ... I get the impression he was just itchin' to say "f*ck-all". A bunch of straight to the point "take home" stuff ... thanks for that.



Okay, Dave Tate and I recorded a D-Tap yesterday. Dave's been the most requested person, so everyone will be very happy late this month or early November!


BTW, with the new site, you'll need to click on "Media & Art" to get to the T-Radio.