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New Audio Interview Up!


The new D-Tap audio interview with Eric Cressey is now up! See left side of page for the player.

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This is a good one. And because EC speaks three times as fast as a normal human being, you get three times the info!

(Kidding, Eric. Great job on this.)


awesome, I'm 6'6 so i'm very interested


Damn; I thought you were going to jack up the bass and make it go slooooow! Kind of the anti-chipmunk Double Tap!

After we finished it, I suspected that might have been a problem; my mind tends to go about ten times faster than my mouth! If anyone has questions about what Chris and I covered, we can definitely toss some ideas around here on Prime Time.


You're in luck! If it's any indicator of my perspective, today's 4-5PM lift consisted of five guys; their heights were 6-11, 6-10, 6-8, 6-5, and 6-4.


We'll release the chopped & screwed version only on underground mix tapes for my homies in H-town, knowwhatImsayin', yo?

Yeah, me neither, but I felt cool for a minute!


Damn Shugs, I didn't know you knew about "screwed!" I just saw a whole MTV special on the Houston music scene. I'm currently "Tippin' on 44's"

I think I might try the Mike Jones theory of giving out my cell # to improve business. What do you think? I could screen-print t-shirts and everything!

Stay strong


Like it's new.

you guys are all going to get merked. LOL

Funny, funny,


-Get Lifted


I thought the last guy on "Tap" was really excellent...


So excellent, in fact, that he motivated me to talk fast and get it over with! :wink:



Why you flexin' so hard in that pic? Trying to look all huge and shit? :wink:


damn I wish these D-Taps were posted early friday am, not mid-day