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New Audio Interview Posted!


The new D-Tap audio interview with Chad Waterbury is now up! Just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.

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Great interview, I really enjoyed it.

Especially the bit on mma, because I have been a huge fan of the sport ever since UFC 2.

That being said, I hope that people dont misinterpret what Chad said and conclude that 3 x BW squat and doing the splits make you a great fighter.

MMA has far too many skill components.


Bad ass article, more than I could of expected. I grew up watching UFC/ Pride/ King of the Cage/ eXtreme Fighting.By far the most conditioned(speed/stregth//flexibility) since the days of Gladiators in Rome.Cant wait for his book to come out & if he does a artcle here on the subject.This is why CW is my favorite contributer, bar none.

Thanks CW & stay Bad Ass.



Nice! Thanks for sharing that. Two questions spring to mind; I'd love to hear Chad's thoughts on how much time per week should be allocated for meaningful improvements in flexibility and, a tenative release date for his book. I'm definitely planning on picking that one up.


I certainly hope that's NOT what people will think. In fact, I kinda kick myself for only bringing up the squat (but time was of the essence). In reality - when it comes to the powerlifts - a solid 2.5x/bodyweight or 3.0x/bodyweight with the deadlift is even more important.

My point was to state that numbers on the powerlifts won't determine how well a fighter can perform. In other words, a 600 lb bench presser will not necessarily be able to hit harder than a 400 lb bench presser. Technique and skill are most important.


How much time should you devote to flexibility work? As much as possible. Flexibility training is probably the most underappreciated component of the fitness spectrum. I'll outline range of motion guidelines in my upcoming article. From there, you should spend as much time as necessary to get to my recommended levels.


Is that specifically in terms of fighting or MMA Chad? Or do you mean for most sports?


I'm talking about anyone. Regardless of your goal - whether it be hypertrophy, maximal strength, endurance, or MMA fighting - you need to devote some serious time to flexibility training. However, some people are naturally flexible so they don't need to make it as big of a priority as some of us less flexible types.


I think that an article on flexibility would be a great asset to this site.

Just like in most people's routines, most articles on flexibility seem to be thrown in as an after thought.

Something more detailed, like a template along with a set/rep bible on improving the various aspects of mobility and flexibility would really be interesting.


I agree MA. And I'm working on one right now (among a dozen other things).


Awesome interview. Can't wait for the book CW!


Sensational stuff. Actually followed you High Frequency Training workout. Although I only followed it for 4 weeks, noticed some sigificant transformation. Definately be purchasing your book (assuming you can throw to London)



Great interview! Thanks!

In part of the interview, you mention your criteria for a "super athlete" -- strength to weight ratios, speed, flexibility, etc.

Could you summarize those criteria here? It think they'd make great goals to aim for. What about just for an "athlete," somebody a little less than "super"? :wink:



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