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New Audio Interview Posted!


The new D-Tap audio interview with Joe DeFranco is now up! Just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.


Great Stuff from Joe D, would love to hear more from him


Awesome Stuff...I wish the interview was much longer...This guy really seems to know his stuff.

I caught him on teleivision on "insider training" he was training an NFL player. DeFranco had him do box squats, then dumbell floor press ss w/ cg pull downs(with fat bar et.c....its awesome to actually see these guys training someone on video rather than reading about it....big difference...


Awesome interview as expected. I want a part 2 with DeFranco. I like the interviews better than the articles!


I really enjoyed the interview.

Joe comes off as a very humble and likeable guy.

And did I detect a Jersey accent? :P~ Just kidding!


Great to hear Shugart back in the drivers seat. No offense to the woman that interviewed you Chris, but you have a knack for talking to these meatheads! Keep up the good work.

Any chance of you going for repeat interviews with some of the other interviewees? I am sure that the big guns youve talked already to can say a little more.


Yeah, but wasn't Christina's porn star voice nice compared to my Texas drawl?

Sure. I've been trying not to repeat though, not yet anyway. So far we have 17 interviews without a repeat, and we'll get at least a couple more. Then I'll start over with Waterbury most likely.

And then there's the idea of audio mini-roundtables, with 2-3 experts on one call. Hopefully that will work out too.


Anthony Roberts would be cool to hear a D-Tap from.


I don't have a fuckin' Jowsy accent!!!
Joe D.


Could you get an interview with TC or Charles?


Several years ago, the first T-mag audio features were TC interviewing Charles! There were a couple, I think.

But yes, both need D-Tapped!


Could someone send me the link to the interview itself? I tried to click on the T-Nation radio linke and all I get is a javascrip error.


Yeah it was great to hear from Joe, WS4SB is a great program and Joe really knows his stuff. I liked the stuff about grip training he includes in there.

Joe, what we really want to know is when those damn MoJoe bars agre going to be out!!


Hi Joe,

If you check this thread again and have time would it be possible for you to post the WSFSB with grip emphasis template or would it be the the same as what you recommended for Arm Wrestling on your site a little while back?



What about a D-tap with Coach John Davies???


We need Anthony Roberts, TC, and Charles Poliquin. Then I think we shouyld start over or do mini round tables.


We don't have accents. We talk the right way. If you guys came to New Jersey, you'd learn how to talk correctly too.


Quality; ill be listening to that now.


Holy f**k that stuff about Miles Austin was some crazy shit - 38" to 42" jump increase, 10lbs of LBM, 2% drop in bf% all in 4 weeks.

Thats some f**ked up shit right there.


I cant believe that this interview has gotten me addicted to blue cheese.