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New Audio Interview Posted!


The new D-Tap audio interview with Chris Shugart is now up! Just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.

Problem? Not seeing the new interview? You may have to quit your browser and come back in to T-Nation, clear your cache, shift-reload/refresh, or delete your temporary internet files.

If you have any other problems, get help in the Tech Support section of the site.


Nice job, Chris and Christina! Way to trick him up on the intro.

Have always liked the Do The Opposite thing. Simple, yet true.




Nice interview guys! Liked the female interviewer :slight_smile: and Chris had some nice, practical insights as usual. Keep up the solid work!


Great interview!

Nice summation from Chris about eating habits and the 90% rule.


I've got to concur with Joel. I think I could have used a little more Christina and a little less Chris:)

(Cue Christopher Walken)
I have a fever and the only cure is a little more cowbell...er Christina.

How about Chris interviewing Christina? The lady sounds like she may have something to say. Hell, for that matter I'll do it. I have no problem taking one for the team.


Chris did you really have some one sitting on their ass asking you about organic oragnes compared to reuglar oranges and just stalling?


Oh sure. I see that a lot.

I think part of it is people want to get everything right - they're the 100% people I spoke of in the interview.

The other part, with some folks at least, is procrastination. They justify not starting a diet and training program by telling themselves that they need more info. So they get lost in the minutia while doing nothing tangible.

People are funny.


Who recorded who though? That's what i want to know. Maybe my memory is all fuzzy but I recall Chris saying it took him forever to find a good tape recorder on one of his blogs...


I did the recording. Christina was nervous at first so I had to get her liquored up a little. She did a great job though once she was plastered.

(I kid.)


So that's why she asked you if size mattered


Aside from a few people, sounds like the interviews are just a rehash of the written info on T-Nation, no?


Sometimes there's overlap if the interviewee has written articles for T-Nation. That's where we get the questions after all - from the interesting points in their written work.

The audio format is unique. You really don't want to get too deep into a new topic or have them start throwing around numbers and references. That would get boring and hard to understand quickly. So we keep D-Taps on a "surface" level, often as overviews.


I liked the interview even though it didn't contain any new material (can't hammer in enough the idea of the 90% rule). However I was disappointed that it didn't contain any info about what he's so mad about in his avatar.


I think the photo was taken at Christmas by his Uncle Bob, right after Bob said, 'So your like a bodybuilder or something.'


That's my "come hither" look. Only works on women. And sometimes gay Asian dudes. Gotta be careful where I throw that look.


Okay, okay, I'm mad because some kid named eliteballa stole my shoe.