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New Audio Coming Today: Tate!


Tune in later today for a spanking new T-Radio audio interview! This one will feature T-Nation contributor Dave Tate!

Topics include: GPP, powerlifting myths, gear use, and more!

To listen to any of our thirteen previous audio features, just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio. The Tate interview will appear sometime on Monday!


Sweet. I am almost finished with his "Under the Bar" book and so this is going to be a perfect compliment to that.


what does he cover in it?


Full book review here (more in replies as well):



You just made my week.

Thank you.

I wish you guys could do it more often. I'm not complaining but the interviews are so great. And I can only listen to them about 3 times over before I'm practically able to rehease them.

I guess it makes it all the better when they do come around every month or so.


Another reason why T-Nation kicks ass! Thanks guys and look forward to hearing the interview on Monday.


We probably could do them more often, but right now I'm trying not to repeat interviewees, so one new one per month works out.

We actually started the series with 3 interviews posted at once. These were originally recorded for my blog but I'm glad "da bosses" decided to give them their own section instead.

Anyway, I'll start repeating here sooner or later - new interviews with the same people - but we have a few more to go first. After Tate, we're hoping to get Dr. Ryan Smith from the Locker Room and Prime Time in there.

And I'd also like to do some audio that's NOT a D-Tap. Maybe an audio roundtable with 3 different contribs. Only problem is getting them all around a table together. Even at seminars, their schedules are hectic. But we're going to try it someday.


This is great. I'm reading "Under the Bar" and ordered the Westside Training Templates from EliteFTS.com and the customer service they had was excelent. I'm new to his articles, but everything I've tried is awsome. I wish he'd come to one of the seminars.



New Audio Interview Posted!

The new D-Tap audio interview with Dave Tate is now up! Just go to the Media & Art section on the left side of the page, click it, then click on T-Nation Radio.

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