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New at This, Deca and Test


Yeah I'm a newbie. Well not really. This is me;

51 years old
6ft 235lbs
lifting for twenty years. Decent size.
Injecting 200ml Test once a week for past two months. No gyno
No protein supplement
Taking test booster
On Hydroxicut

Plan to start Deca along with the test. What do the experts have to say? Hit me up!


Up your test to 400 and the Deca to 400 atleast run for atleast 12 weeks.

Your on permanent TRT.


Sounds more like a TRT regimen. Definitely add some good quality protein to the mix.


that pic will give me nightmares


Why are you taking a test booster? Your body isn’t producing ANY test as long as you are administering exogenously!!!


So you think I don’t need to take the test booster if I’m injecting 200 ml of test? Like I said. I’m new at the whole test thing and can’t wait to get started on deca.


No need for a test booster


Why do you want deca?It could interfere with your sex life,possibly more at your age.Why not just double the test?


I’m off the test booster. Started Isopure low carb protein, but only taking half of what I should. Consuming 120 grams in two servings. I know I should take 240 in four. I’m surprised at the suggestions of not taking deca. It almost seems essential. I’ve though of asking my doctor to up the test prescription but will have to see how willing she’ll be to do that.

Overall, I can feel a slight difference with the extra protein. I am feeling a better pump. Been on it for about three weeks now.


There is no doubt that deca would increase gains but at what cost?You’re 51 not 31,typically sensitivity to sides increases at our age,the water might cause a rise in blood pressure,for sure it will slow your response as regards an erection.Not sure you want to risk that…


Please re-read statemachine’s post…
You should reconsider the deca use. Do more research about deca and if used incorrectly ( Not that you will, but sometimes cycles are NOT spot on if unexperienced). Nandralone is merciless when it comes to shutdown and proper timely recovery is more difficult at your age.
I have become highly knowledgeable when it comes to deca use… Believe others when they say be careful with it…!
There is plenty more to deca’s shutdown than just gonad shutdown…
All the best


Yeah I have never heard anything good about deca (after the first few weeks on it). Forums are full of guys panicking about long lasting deca dick that they just can’t fix.


He 's on TRT, recovery is not an issue. Caber or other DA can be added to combat “deca-dick”. The nandrolone will be fine. GL.


So which is it guys. I got into this forum to get advise from long time lifters and users. Seems somewhat contradicting. Deca-dick is most definitely a concern. Yes, I’m on permanent TST. don’t have erectle issues, don’t care to start now. Will Deca nandrolone at 200mg work right for me at 51 years or age, or not?


I’ve got a buddy who’s around 45. Had low test levels and erectly disfunction. He started first cycle on test and deca and swears he’s tearing his wife apart. Don’t really care about all that, however, does sound contradicting.


Tearing her apart as in taking forever to bust?After some time my tiny wife would just tell me to get off lol.200mg is relatively small,it is quite possible you might be ok with that,some people stack deca and tren and are unscathed…if your buddy had low test,things weren’t good obviously.There is also the increased output from your sebaceous glands to consider,at your age acne can raise alarms amongst people you live and work with.Just test is much simpler to deal with.


I’ll speak with my doctor and ask for a dose increase. For the first time this week I brought the dose up from 1ml for 200mg to 2ml for 400mg of test. Will try that for two or three weeks. I know that’s not nearly enough to expect a noticeable difference, but want to know how it makes me feel. I’ve been on 1ml for about three months know with no negative side effect with the exception of some testicular atrophy.


Deca dick isn’t a definite to happen, just like any other side effect. I’m on 800 my deca a week and my libido is very high.

However, considering your age deca at that low of a dose may be more problematic than the yield of the benefits. NPP is another option too if you’re set on running another compound.

I’d just blast 500-750 my test a week.


yeah, I am only 33 but started deca because of the extra water and joint support factor because of a semi serious back injury. ran it for 10 weeks at 400mg/wk with 500mg test. didnt take me forever to bust, and I could go 3-4 times a day. I loved it, so much that I ordered a shit ton more and started back yesterday. Gonna run 625/500mg test /deca for 16wk. Feels great, great gains in size and strength, and with healthy diet keep good body composition. I ran arimadex at .5eod with this cycle and was fine. No sides at all except awesome sex drive and a 4o lb gain on bench.

Health risks are risks not for sure things. If taken smartly and you dont have any other health issues the risk are way lower.


[quote]Dementeddragon wrote:
He 's on TRT, recovery is not an issue. Caber or other DA can be added to combat “deca-dick”. The nandrolone will be fine. GL.[/quote]

True for some, not for others. Unfortunately no way of knowing until a person starts having problems.