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Performance Anxiety
by TC

Sex is like an athletic event... and landing an airplane and cheating on a test and a science fiction movie and a Fourth of July celebration and ballet and martial arts flicks and boxing and marathons and baseball and... oh, just read the damn article, would ya?

Stretching for Strengthening
by John Paul Catanzaro

The real poop on stretching and strength training!


Swiss ball gay porn! Not that there's anything wrong with being Swiss.

Singles Club: The Beauty of Multiple 1-Rep Sets
by Chad Waterbury

Train for maximal strength to get maximally big! 17 sets of 1 rep? Bring it on!

How to Eat Like a Man
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

Ballsy tales of nutrition from the Warrior Nerd himself.

News and Feedback

A whole slew of e-mails including praise, attacks, suggestions, feedback and the always popular - letters from Bitter Illiterate Losers (hearby known as BIL's).


Another great set of articles guys.


Hahaha! I liked Loopfitt's letter. He's such a cranky guy. Lighten up, dude, jeez! :slight_smile:


[quote]A robust, active life that recognizes the health and physique benefits of plentiful, whole foods is the cornerstone of the forgotten art that I call eating like a man.[quote]

THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Even if all you retain is this last sentence.

Great article LL.

While all the scienctific info. and dietary supplementation studies are great, and do lead, in part, to us reaching are goals; lately the simple fact of quality whole food being are single best weapon toward these very goals seems to have been lost by many.

It has been of great help to have nutritional Guru's such as LL, JB, etc. addressing this issue in their recent articles.

Thank you. I hope this can head off the mind boggling nutritional overload many seem to be in.



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