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New Articles are Old and Out of Order


Is it just me or are most of the new articles recycled old ones?

Also why are they not listed chronologically? For example there’ll be an article marked as new or today or yesterday, and then if you scroll down there’ll be like 4 other articles recycled from years ago but then if you scroll down a bit more you’ll find another article marked as new or today or yesterday. This is really annoying. Why don’t they just post them chronologically?


[quote=“as1, post:1, topic:213929”]
Is it just me or are most of the new articles recycled old ones?[/quote]

It’s not that the “new” articles are recycled old articles. It’s that the older articles are being reintroduced and featured on the front page for people to see. T-Nation’s published 3,200+ articles over the last 17 1/2 years. Not only have some people not read them all, but there’s still plenty of solid info that can be dusted off.

The dates are included with the posts to give a frame of reference, but they’re being reposted so that someone who just discovered the site (or even someone who’s been on it for a decade) has the chance to read a Poliquin article from 2000, for example, and find a nugget of gold that suits their own training.

I’m not totally sure what the reason is for jumping around to different articles through the years, but I do think it’d be even more strange if they just started over from the very beginning in May '98 and just reposted things day by day 100% chronologically.


Its because of Facebook, they post stuff on there and the same articles are the ones that show up as “popular” on the front page

Makes sense, they have the content and its good… And so many people are new to the site that it would be quite a waste to have only the few thousand people that were around 9 years ago to have read the article.


Pity they didn’t keep the article comments. There was always lots of good questions and great answers and clarification from the authors.


Dusting off old articles for new members is great, but I have distinctly seen articles I remember reading a few years back marked as “new” on the front page with the current date. If there isn’t a new article for a day that’s no big deal, you guys put out a ton of quality content for free, but passing off old stuff as new seems disingenuous.


Our site is designed to continuously push the most well-read articles to the top. If you want to see articles displayed chronologically, all you have do is click the ARTICLES tab at the top of the page, then sort by NEWEST or OLDEST. You can also use the drop-down bar to sort by most popular or a specific topic.


I’m diggin’ the old content!


Chris, I would recommend that you put in a “first published on xx-yy-date”.

Reason being some authors have developed their concepts significantly over time, and some of the articles are written as “present time”. Some concepts that some coaches recommend they no longer recommend.

I enjoy that the older articles pop up, because there are so many gems, but it would be nice to know when they originally were published.